Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4 preview: A tribe swap’s coming!

Edge of ExtinctionWhat lies ahead on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4? Entering next week, it definitely feels like a chance to shake things up. Given that the Manu tribe is down three people in the numbers, production could take advantage of this opportunity to do some sort of tribe swap.

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So where are things going to go from here moving into the next episode? As it turns out, a swap is very much coming! There are fourteen people left in the game, and apparently production is going to move things from two tribes to three. That means that we’re going to be getting three tribes of five. How are they going to be divided up? We could see the returning players end up with a majority on one tribe and dominate; or, we could see them be completely split up across all three.

Returning players are probably the most vulnerable people after a swap, mostly because everyone knows they are a threat and they’ve all managed to survive so far this season. That’s impressive, but it paints that target all the bigger. Of course, Aubry does have a hidden immunity idol and she could find a way to use that to her advantage.

There is another way to look at this, though, if you really want — there’s likely a cognizance that winning challenges is even more important than ever since in these new tribes, you’ve got nowhere to hide. There is a value that comes with keeping someone like Joe around in the game for a while since you don’t want to run the risk that you lose a challenge and go home. You can always target him a tribal council or two down the road if you’re really convinced that there could be another swap. With the merge happening at thirteen or twelve fairly often these days, you really just need to survive the next three or four tribal councils. Then, nothing else really matters.

Oh, and more chicken wars are going down

No one should be surprised about this given just how bold Wendy has gotten with some of her feathered friends as of late. This is going to make her a huge target but for whatever reason, she really doesn’t care. (We’re all for her causing chaos, though.)

Is the Edge of Extinction so much easier now?

We’d say so, mostly because Chris is a physical dude and he’ll probably make it that much easier to get some supplies for the group. It’s all going to be about attrition.

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