Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3 review: Chicken sabotage


Moving into tonight’s Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3, we had something that was really rare within the world of this show: A cliffhanger! We didn’t know whether or not Keith was going to be leaving the game or going to live with Reem.

Luckily, that was resolved in about a minute when Keith showed up at the Edge of Extinction. Reem greeted him, and soon after that, she realized that she needed to stay to look after him. He’s just a kid! The two did get a map soon after that to a set of steps, and after searching around, they eventually found something that they needed: A tiny amount of rice. Basically, they have to work hard for everything they get in this game.

Translation: Being at the Edge of Extinction sucks royally.

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The first Reward Challenge of the season

Manu won! This challenge blew by fast — yet, we gotta praise the tribe a lot for the teamwork that they demonstrated throughout this. It’s a tough feat to beat Joe Anglim in just about any challenge, so they deserve all the credit in the world for this.

Here’s where the bad news lies — Wendy also found herself hurt on the other side of the challenge, and she had to find a way to continue despite a bum ankle. Luckily, she didn’t quit, but it didn’t look at first like she was going to be altogether useful around camp, either.

Camp life surprises

Over on the Manu tribe, it was really all about a chicken. To be specific, a chicken that Wendy didn’t want to kill. We actually totally get Wendy’s hypocrisy — it’s a lot easier to go to the store and buy a chicken than it is to have one die in front of you. It’s got a face! That’s the thing when it comes to live animals on Survivor, and it’s probably why they keep being included on future seasons. It’s always a point of some sort of crazy contention.

Meanwhile, over on the Kama beach, Aubry ended up finding the idol! This is why if you’re a new player, we don’t know why you aren’t out looking for this every second of the day. The longer you keep returnees around, the more powerful they become. Aubry’s been an incredible player without an idol; Aubry with an idol is a major force to be reckoned with.

Didn’t see this one coming…

Yes, we did see Kama winning immunity over Manu. However, we did not see it happening because David, Kelley, and Lauren botched the puzzle. Despite her injury, Wendy was fine! The returnees and Lauren here really don’t have anyone to blame other than themselves for this move.

Chicken wars continue

In the aftermath of the immunity challenge, Wendy decided that the time was right to steal the flint. She denied it, but it was clear that she did. That painted a huge target on her back. The only thing that is saving her at the moment is David Wright, who was very intent on getting out Wentworth — so intent, in fact, that he passed along the message to all important parties. If he, Chris, Rick, and Wendy were on board, that’s all it took.

Yet, Chris went and did a total half-measure to Wardog, making it seem more like it was his idea to get rid of Wentworth and didn’t push the full plan on him. Basically, what he did was take too much ownership and paint a larger target on his own back. The vote all of a sudden became Chris vs. Kelley and Wendy was magically safe.

Now, the pivotal Tribal

This was a crazy one coming into it, mostly because David and Rick Devins were in the driver’s seat. They had the ability to properly determine whether Chris or Wentworth will be going home … or if they want to throw a curveball and get rid of Wendy. (Wendy, by the way, remains completely out-there at Tribal — she’s really one of the most entertaining pre-jury players in quite some time.)

So how did the wacky Manu tribe eventually vote? Chris was ultimately the person who left, which shows that Wardog in some ways got what he wanted. David didn’t want to expose his hand as the person interested in getting Wentworth out — whether or not that’s the right or wrong move remains to be seen, but it’s certainly dangerous to still have all four returnees still in the game.

On the other side of leaving, Chris made the (easy) decision to go to Edge of Extinction.

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