Big Brother Canada 7: When could live feeds begin?

Big Brother Canada 6 castingWhen could the Big Brother Canada 7 live feeds begin? Within this article, we’re going to kick off our first discussion of this very thing!

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Let’s kick things off with one unfortunate truth: Global hasn’t been super-forthcoming this season, at least at present, with an official start time. Also, they aren’t always super-consistent when it comes to when they start up the feeds. The part of us that likes to engage in wishful thinking is crossing our fingers that the feeds will start up shortly following tonight’s episode — at least on the West Coast.

The worst-case scenario, meanwhile, is that the feeds boot up on Thursday night following the first eviction of the season. That means that there would be at least one person this season who we don’t get a chance to see on the feeds — which is always a bummer, mostly because the first person voted off for a given season is almost always a total trainwreck.

If we get official word on the feeds and their start time, we’ll update you here.

Where can you go to check the live-feed status?

We suggest that you head over to the show’s official site! As of right now, the live-feed button is not a clickable option, but we imagine that this is going to change once they are live (alas, most likely only for viewers in Canada).

There are some things that you probably should know if you are a Big Brother Canada viewer for the first time. The feeds are in fact live, but they’re also censored a good bit more than the ones in America. That’s probably due to all of the sponsorships — which help to keep them free. There are also pretty gigantic outages sometimes for competitions and special evictions — there’s a lot more downtime in general than for the feeds in America.

In the end, though, remember this — it’s better than the alternative, which is otherwise known as not getting any Big Brother Canada at all. We’re glad to have the live feeds to comb through and cover in written and video form — it makes this experience that much more immersive and fun from start to finish. This is the sort of great stuff that makes this game what it is!

What’s interesting is that with there being no Power of Veto this week, the only technically-new information we could get if feeds return today are the nominations — plus also alliances, which are super-hard to comb through this early in the game.

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