NBC’s ‘Revolution’ spoilers: Meet Giancarlo Esposito’s….

If you thought that Giancarlo Esposito’s Captain Neville was a pretty ruthless and frightening character on “Revolution,” just wait until you meet someone else that is very involved in his life.

According to a new report from E! News, we are going to be meeting Neville’s wife Julia in an upcoming episode of the show, and she is described as being beautiful, but at the same time very cunning and very dangerous. To use a “Breaking Bad” reference since we are talking about Esposito here, she is not going to be a Skyler to his Walter White. Is she a part of the militia, as well? That much we do not know, but it would be rather interesting to watch a tandem husband/wife duo commit all sorts of unspeakable evils in a post-Apocalyptic duo.

Sadly, there is no word yet as to when we are going to meet this character just yet, but the good news in theory here is that it is possible she could make all sorts of return appearances given how relevant she could be to the story. We really just need a little bit more of Neville in general, especially after he was such a non-factor during the episode that aired a little earlier in the week. Thankfully, we already know that the show is going to be around until at least May, so there are still going to be some other opportunities to see just what he is up to next.

Who would you want to see in this role? Be sure to share some your theories and suggestions in the box below!

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