Fear the Walking Dead season 5 adds Legacies, Galavant actress Karen David

Fear the Walking DeadThere’s another great addition to report on today when it comes to Fear the Walking Dead season 5, especially if you still miss Galavant as much as we do.

According to a report coming in via Deadline, Karen David (whose other recent credits include Jasmine on Once Upon a Time and Emma on Legacies) is going to be a series regular on the zombie companion series. (“Zombie companion series” is such an odd assortment of words to put together, no?) As for who she is playing, of course AMC is keeping many of those details locked up in their signature zombie-vault. We know that her character’s name is Grace, but that’s about it — though it’s probably fair to assume that she’s not a zombie (at least not at first).

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 is starting off with many of the remaining season 4 characters in a fascinating place — they’ve made it through yet another crisis, and now see an opportunity to try to help people struggling on the road. There’s a new locale in the denim factory, and potentially a new Walking Dead arrival in Dwight. Austin Amelio will be appearing this season, which means a great opportunity to see what that guy’s been up to since the Negan saga on the flagship show.

There’s really not some big, death-defying cliffhanger that needs to be resolved; season 5 is entering the picture as almost yet another reinvention for a show that has had no problem trying different things and putting these characters all over the map. Remember when they were at sea, or when they were dealing with the Otto family? We feel like the montages for Strand and Alicia’s lives at this point are pretty wild.

When will Fear the Walking Dead be back on AMC?

Think in terms of the spring/summer. There’s no particular hurry to rush things along now, but we’ve gotten a good sense over time of what Fear the Walking Dead loves to do. They’re quite fond of giving you a full season in between The Walking Dead seasons, which makes sense because they don’t want to make you wait too long without getting another dose of zombies in your life. We have a feeling that this upcoming batch of episodes is going to be a crazy, and emotional ride, but we are also hoping for a bit of fun… it’s okay to have a little bit of fun here and there, right? Lost was another super serious show with a smoke monster, polar bears and The Others trying to kill  people every week, but Hurley still found time to build a small golf course for everyone to blow off steam and have some fun. That can happen here too (and really should).

Getting David on board is a nice touch since we know that she can take on a lot of different genres and play someone who is kind and caring, or also someone a little more mysterious. We know already that The Walking Dead franchise loves its mystery people with secret backgrounds more than they love just about anything else.

For those of you still interested in seeing Karen on Legacies, here’s your reminder that she still has some episodes to go over there as well!

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