The Enemy Within episode 3 preview: Interrogating the Ambassador’s wife

The Enemy Within
Next week’s The Enemy Within episode 3 is entitled “The Ambassador’s Wife” and the main basis for the story is about … well, interrogating the ambassador’s wife. Pretty self-explanatory, no? This is set to be a powerful episode where we could see a lot of interesting complications for Shepherd, mostly because she has a plan to both showcase her skills and also her clout. Yet, in doing this, she may lose what little trust that she has with the remainder of the team. That’s something that nobody is altogether willing to give her, thanks in part to what they’ve seen and/or heart about her. (When you think about Keaton’s specific past with her, we’re not sure that he is ever going to have a reason to trust her pretty much ever.)

So how is an ambassador involved in all of this? Well, the synopsis for The Enemy Within episode 2 can serve as a nice jumping-off point:

Following the discovery that a U.S. ambassador is selling classified intelligence to a Colombian cartel, Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) devises a plan to catch him that will push Keaton’s (Morris Chestnut) moral code to the brink. Keaton brings a new member (Cassandra Freeman) on to the team.

One of the questions that Shepherd is going to wonder within this episode is simply this: How can you find a way to get through to this U.S. ambassador? Is there a hope that they can get the information that they need? This is where the wife comes into play. Shepherd feels like she can effectively interrogate the wife into getting some of the information that she needs, and the way in which she does it could prove to be bad news. The end of the promo signals her cutting the video feed, which could explain why Keaton is going to be in the difficult spot that he’s in.

What else do we need from this show?

We would say that beyond getting more insight into the supporting characters, there will be some merit in seeing Shepherd actually follow more of the rules. Even if this interrogation actually gets the team what they want, is the cost worth it? Are we eventually going to get to a breaking point? These are things that do have to be worried about over time and we imagine that they will become pressing matters as this season goes along. At a certain point, if Shepherd continues to bend the rules and does whatever she wants, Keaton or someone else may decide that they don’t need her. Presumably, these people were successful at what they did before she first came around, right?

Check back tomorrow — we’re very much interested in seeing what the ratings for The Enemy Within are, especially since it got off to such a solid start last week.

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