The Good Doctor season 2 episode 17 review: Was Shaun fired?

The Good Doctor
Tonight on The Good Doctor season 2 episode 17, Dr. Shaun Murphy faced one of the important moments of his career — or at least what he thought was one. He felt like he had a chance to get a step closer to the career that he’s always wanted.

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After a case tonight that put the surgical staff in an urgent position, they realized that they would need a little bit of help from Shaun. He was ultimately responsible for saving a patient’s life, and it wasn’t the first time since he moved over to pathology. This made the problem all the harder for him — he was great as a pathologist, but it just wasn’t what he wanted. This is why, at the end of the episode, Shaun sat down in his Dr. Han’s office and refused to leave until he got his old job back. That didn’t work. He refused to give in and on the other side of that, the implication we got was that he was fired. He wasn’t acting on the other side of this like someone who managed to get what he wanted; instead, he was in the midst of a breakdown.

Freddie Highmore’s performance through all of this was fantastic — painful, guttural, and in the moment. On the other side of the incident, Claire was there for him and did her part in order to help.

So, for now, Shaun ended this episode packing his bag and leaving the hospital … this isn’t going to be an easy thing for him to recover from, if he ever does.

Good news, at least, for Aaron

For Dr. Glassman, meanwhile, this was a chance at a new start — a chance to actually feel recovered from what he’s gone through. Dr. Blaise worked in order to save him, and how he has a chance at a future without cancer. We’ll have a chance to see moving forward if he can really have the life that he wants now.

The best moment of the night for Dr. Glassman, and also possibly one of the best performances of the season, was when he gave her a gift of a baseball as thanks. It wasn’t an ordinary baseball, though — it was one that was signed from some of the best baseball players of his youth. It was the most important thing he had. In handing that over to Dr. Blaise, what he was showing to her was that she was responsible for his life. It was the biggest gift that he could ever give her.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was an incredible, difficult episode closed off with devastating news for Shaun. His dream is gone, or at least his dream is gone for now. We just have to wait and see if that is something that he’ll have a chance to have again.

We don’t know if we’ve ever been more spontaneously worried or excited for what’s happening next.

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