The Voice review: Jej Vinson, Dexter Roberts + Patrick McAloon, daughter Ruby

The VoiceTonight, the latest episode of The Voice is upon us! That means more blind auditions, more debates, and apparently, Kelly Clarkson getting upset because men aren’t selecting her as their coach. We will be updating this review LIVE with our take on more performances, so be sure to refresh throughout!

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Jacob Maxwell, “Delicate” – Kelly Clarkson said this best — it’s cool when a dude picks a song performed by a woman traditionally. This was a creative spin on the song and it feels like a guarantee that if he makes the live shows, he’s going to get a ton of votes. He’s humble, but still has a quiet charisma and confidence about himself. The fact that he got compared to both Leonardo DiCaprio and Harry Styles from a looks perspective does not hurt. Team John.

Karly Moreno, “Starving” – She’s a self-proclaimed skater girl from Orange County that has a real cool sound and she’s going to be appealing to some viewers looking for someone a little bit different. She’s pop-rock and while she probably doesn’t have the biggest range of anyone this season, she’s going to be memorable because of her background. It’s all going to be about finding the right songs for her. Team Adam.

Luna Searles, “Nutbush City Limits” – She last auditioned for the show in season 2. Season 2! She wants to be a rock singer and she’s got an interesting, rock sound and the capacity to do some high notes. We just don’t think this a great blind-audition song since it’s so performance-based and nobody can see you. No Chair Turn.

Carter Lloyd Horne, “Drinkin’ Problem” – Yeah, this was weird. We did just see a nine-teen year old country singer come out and do a song that is largely about booze. This was weird, wildly inappropriate, but also very entertaining. We had a lot of fun watching him and it seems like he’s got a great sense of humor about himself. He and Blake are going to be mad scientists working together on this show as we move towards the future. Team Blake.

Talon Cardon, “Say You Won’t Let Go” – We love this song, and the coaches really took their time before deciding that they wanted to give Talon a chair-turn. If we’d be critical here, we’d say that he probably paced the song a little bit slower than he needed to — we know that it is a slow song, but he still held out some words a little bit long. We do think, though, that he understood the meaning of the song and that was enough to get a turn from John Legend. Team John.

Patrick McAloon, “Runaway Train” – He’s got an awesome rock voice that sounds like a guy who’s been on the road for the better part of the past 25 years. He’s got a lot of creativity and charm … and it just so happens that his daughter is also appearing on the show. This is unique! Separate Patrick from the story for the time being and you’ll see someone who is accomplished and ready for this moment. Team Adam.

Ruby McAloon – She’s still a teenager and someone who has a nice tone — she just didn’t nail all of the notes tonight. She was nervous and a little bit shaky in her vocal, and we don’t think that her getting zero chairs here is a failure. She’s still got a chance to have a career in a few years. No Chairs.

Alena D’Amico, “In My Blood” – She’s got a good voice with a LOT of range, but we actually think that her personality is what seals the deal. She’s just so fun, she’s so inherently real, and it feels like a given that she would be on Team Kelly because they’ve both got a similar vibe and will probably do rather well together this season. Team Kelly.

Dexter Roberts – The former American Idol contestant turned up on this show older and ready to make a big impression. He did that tonight, as he got turns from all four coaches. ALL FOUR OF THEM. This was one of the best coach battles that we’ve seen, but of course it was clear he was going to choose Blake. It’s too obvious a road for him to go. Team Blake, go figure.

Jej Vinson – Jej closed the show with a really wonderful performance with a TON of range in there — he showed an ability to hit high notes, low notes, and pretty much any note. The man has got a lot going for him and seems versatile to work with any coach … which is good given that all four coaches turned for him. This was Kelly’s chance to get a guy! She fought hard for him and we think that her understanding of big sounds and creative vocals makes her a perfect choice. Let’s make it clear that Jej is incredible. He can EASILY win this. Team Kelly.

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