‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Jennifer Carpenter looks ahead to episode 2

So far on “Dexter” over the years, we have seen plenty of madness unfold when it comes to Dexter and his relationship with his sister Deb; however, pretty much all of it pales in comparison to the complete and utter chaos that we are going to see now that Jennifer Carpenter’s character knows what she knows now. It’s clearly a game-changer not just for the story, but for the way in which the fans are going to perceive these two characters moving forward.

So what is the gameplan moving forward to next week’s episode? For those of you worried that producers are going to try and pull off the dreaded “time jump” to keep you away from some of the , don’t be; speaking to “The Insider” in a new interview, Carpenter confirms that the excitement surrounding that Deb is a serial killer is going to pick up right away:

“It’s where reality sets in for Deb. And Dexter. It’s no longer about piecing together the moment of truth at the church, and what she initially thinks is one kill, it’s about realizing that every word is up for debate. Every thing he’s ever told her is questionable. Every ounce of support is all up on trial now. Deb begins to feel like he’s manipulated her for her entire life and she knows it now.”

The one thing we know for sure is coming for Deb? Pain, and a lot of it. Even though the past several seasons have led her to accept that there is more of a gray area when it comes to right and wrong as a cop, there is still a massive leap between letting Jordan Chase’s killer go and accepting what Dexter does.

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