‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: All sorts of ‘Pretty Dirty Secrets’ clues

If you love looking at various features on a phone for about thirty-five seconds, then this newest edition of the “Pretty Little Liars” web series “Pretty Dirty Secrets” is probably for you.

When it comes to story, this new chapter really does not reveal very much at all outside of one thing: the new character of Shana (Aeriel Miranda) clearly is up to no good. Her phone contains all sorts of calls from blocked numbers, photos of what appear to be the same Marilyn Monroe costume that Hanna is going to be wearing during the upcoming Halloween special, masks, and advertisements for the great train party that will be the setting for the October 23 installment. There is also a playlist of songs, but we cannot really interpret too much from this just yet.

We first saw some shady behavior from Shana during the past two new episodes, when she exhibited some rather interesting behavior following some discussions with both Noel Kahn as well as Lucas (who seemed to even make some sort of awkward attempt at hitting on her by talking about comic books). Is she working for the “A Team”? We’re not quite sure of that, but she does clearly seem to have a vested interest in keeping someone informed of just what is going on in this creepy little Halloween costume shop.

While we do at times wish there was more going on this series, we cannot complain too much considering that it is at least giving us a much-needed dose of life in Rosewood while we sit around and wait; plus, some of these clues may give us an even better sense at what is going to happen soon.

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