The Blacklist season 6: Where is the Liz, Ressler story going?

BlacklistWhat is going on with Liz Keen and Donald Ressler on The Blacklist … and is there really anything going on at all? Based on recent events, the show may be confronting this question in a deeper way than they have in quite some time.

We don’t really need to dip all that far back into the pool of evidence to discuss what is going on here — all you have to do is look at the events of the past two episodes. Liz has now looped Ressler into much of what she’s doing, largely because she needed another set of hands in order to protect Jennifer. In Ressler, she has a colleague who knows the chaos Raymond Reddington is capable of — and also someone who will stop at nothing to get justice. He also has had his fair share of history with Reddington and may want nothing more than to wash his hands of darkness and find himself more of a normal life. This is a guy who started a relationship with a woman he met in Alter Ego and has tried in the past to look in any direction to fill an emotional void in his life. He’s tried to stay on the straight and narrow … but we’ve also seen times when he became compromised. This is not the same agent with clean shoes we saw back in the first season.

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It’s clear at the moment that Liz and Ressler are growing closer, after many years where it seemed as though the two were growing apart. Where is this going? We have a few different theories.

1. Romance – Liz hasn’t had a proper love interest since the death of Tom, and in her timeline, it’s been an even longer period since we’ve seen it as viewers. It makes sense for her to eventually move on, but we think she has such tunnel-vision on uncovering Reddington’s identity that it is hard to envision her spending all that much time thinking about whether or not she wants to be with someone and if that someone for her is Ressler. If something happens this season, it will likely come on an emotional moment that accelerates and becomes something more. We don’t believe it will be premeditated.

2. A deeper friendship – This doesn’t necessarily have to become romantic — television is always in need of great male/female friendships and Liz and Ressler could solidify as that. They have an emotional understanding of each other few others would, mostly because of their shared experiences and trauma. They can help each other in dark times and with Jennifer taking off, Ressler may become Liz’s rock. She probably doesn’t think she needs one but everyone needs a person to care for them in times of need.

3. An alliance of convenience – Is it possible that their closer bond is only for this particular mission with Reddington, and either he or Liz will retreat away at the end of it? You have to consider any scenario as a possibility. We do think that the two will remain close on the other side of this saga, but maybe it’s not meant to be anything more than a work relationship. Liz doesn’t strike us as the sort of person who wants to go out for drinks at the end of the work day, so maybe this is all this is.

What do you think is going to become of Liz and Ressler on The Blacklist this season?

Be sure to sound off with your theories below! (Photo: NBC.)

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