Saturday Night Live: Thomas Rhett performs ‘Look What God Gave Her’

Saturday Night Live
This weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live featured the musical stylings of one Thomas Rhett, a country artist who is bringing a little bit of a forgotten genre to the show this season. We see country performers here and there sure, but it’s not something that is omnipresent in Studio 8H. A part of this may just be that there aren’t as many big country fans working on the show. It’s hard to pontificate specific reasons why.

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We know that Rhett has some new music out tonight, so we imagined that this would be the focus of his performances tonight. The first song was “Look What God Gave Her.” This song actually didn’t really feel all that country at all — it had a real pop vibe to it, especially when you think about some of the lyrics (especially “haters” — when do you hear that in standard country music?). This could be a good crossover hit for Rhett, but it probably is a little bit too early to know for sure what it will do on the charts. It literally just came out! This is something that we’ll just have to figure out more over time.

For now, though, this was a pleasant-enough SNL performance — it’s got a natural earworm quality that makes us think that it could get lodged into someone’s head and never go away … at least for a few weeks at a time.

As for the second song…

We couldn’t uncover the title at the time of this publication, largely because it’s a brand-new number that does have a lot of pop-country leanings to it. It very much takes a lot from the expected genre playbook — yet, there were a couple of things distinct about it including the horn section and the song’s overall key. It was upbeat, it was fun, and we do think that this was Rhett trying both to stay true to his established audience while also taking a chance and bringing something different to the table.

This was a nice way to close off Rhett’s two performances on SNL, even if we do wish that it could lyrically have been a little bit different and checked off fewer of the same country tropes that we’ve seen over the years. If you like Rhett’s music, though, there’s a pretty high chance that you enjoyed almost every second of this.

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