Big Brother Canada 7: Five different players to watch

Big Brother Canada 7
Are you ready for Big Brother Canada to premiere this week on Global? We know that we are, and that’s what this particular article is really all about — setting the stage for some interesting players.

We do think that, by and large, the series has a number of interesting people among the 14 names who were officially announced — after all, the casting for this show is always great! Nonetheless, there are always still a handful of standouts, people who we want to root for and see in the game from either a strategic or a personality standpoint. This article is spotlighting five of them, including one who is our winner pick for the whole season! (Note: We’ve got a decent track record at picking winners here — three out of the past six seasons!)

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1. Dane Rupert – With the outgoing personality and the gap in his teeth, Dane’s the dude who has a lot of Jon Pardy upside — if he is paired with the right person. He’s going to be a fascinating guy to watch just because of how he chooses to navigate the game. He needs to be okay with not being competitive right away. If he focuses on ingratiating himself into the house more so than winning, he has a chance to go far.

2. Estefania Hoyos – She’s super-young, but she is also really well-traveled and she is someone who is looking to be empathetic and understanding to a lot of the other houseguests. She moved to Canada when she was young after being born in Colombia, and she seems well-traveled and really understands a good bit in terms of other cultures and people. We think that this is very much the sort of thing that could make her a reasonable candidate to go far this season.

3. Kailyn Archer – There’s so much that is fascinating about her, starting with the fact that she’s a psychic. That’s not something you see in the big brother house everyday! She also is 42, but she claims she’s going to play way younger and try to be like Sutton Foster’s character in that show. It’s a fascinating idea, but keeping this sort of lie up for more than two months feels like an almost-impossible task.

4. Damien Kelto – He’s a hockey player, he’s into music, and he seems to be a really interesting guy. We mostly are fascinated by him as someone who grew up in the Canadian wilderness as a member of a First Nations tribe. He is the sort of person we’ve been wanting to see take part in this game for a good while now, and we’re pretty darn excited to actually see him take part in the show now.

5. Kyra Shenker – They are going to be the recipient of a lot of attention entering the season as a non-binary contestant, but their status as a superfan and their understanding of the game is equally important. They’ve got a good chance if they show off some of their listening skills and really understand the real purpose of this game: Relationships! It’s really not about anything else since there’s a jury at the end.

Who are you watching out for moving into Big Brother Canada 7? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Global.)

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