Lucifer season 4: The good & bad of the Devil Face reveal

Lucifer - ChloeAt the moment, the Lucifer season 4 premiere date is still up in the air — we do think we’re inching closer to announcement, but how close is it, really? That’s something that the fine folks at Netflix are going to determine, along with when they want to release the trailer.

For the sake of this article, we want to get super granular and focus on the reveal that really defined the season 3 finale — and, in turn, the reveal that could define much of season 4: The Devil Face. What does it mean for Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship, let alone the rest of the show?

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We should start things off here with the obvious: Chloe can’t look at Lucifer the same way that she did. It’s almost like she’s been looking at a guy in costume for the entirety of the series. Now, he’s stripped that costume away and this is who remains. He’s got the same personality, but there’s a new identity there. Does she really even know him? Identity is one of the things that she is going to be struggling with in the early going. There are so many preconceived notions that come with being a devil, which is certainly one reason why Lucifer didn’t want this information about himself out there.

This brings us to the obvious negative implication of the Devil Face reveal: It’s possible that this part of Lucifer alone is too jarring for her to accept. Personally, though, we think that Chloe Decker is open-minded to see past labels and someone’s past; the bigger issue here is going to be in the present. For starters, there’s a layer of dishonesty now that needs to be broken through. How does Chloe deal with the fact that she’s been kept from this secret for so long? It goes beyond just Lucifer, as well — think in terms of Maze and Amenadiel! There is a lot she has to work through and realistically, you don’t get over this sort of thing easily.

There is another layer of intrigue to consider here, as well — who else do you clue in on the secret? Do you inform Trixie or Ella about the truth? Does having this secret weigh on Chloe? These are elements that she is going to have to figure out over time.

The good thing about the reveal…

It could bring Lucifer to the vulnerable place he needs to be in order for him and Chloe to have a relationship that lasts. Few couples thrive when there is something hidden underneath the surface between them. The ones that succeed do so with all of the information out there and with all of the cards on the table. This is a situation of short-term pain for long-term gain — it’s going to help Lucifer to have another person to share his true self with, and someone who over time can better understand what he’s gone through.

He is going to need, in the early part of season 4, to adopt a simple philosophy if he wants this relationship to work: No games, no diversions, and no classic Lucifer charm to slither his way out of a situation of conflict. He has to confront this head-on. He can still be the same fantastic character he’s always been, but there can be no guise. If there is, Chloe could drift so far from him that he will never be able to get her back.

While Lucifer is a show with a lot of humor and great, incredibly-dark cases, we hope this article is a reason that the relationships are what make this show stand out from the pack.

What do you think should happen with Lucifer and Chloe moving forward?

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