Outlander perspectives results: What Jamie – Claire storyline did readers want more of?

Outlander season 4We’re back today with the latest round of results within our Outlander perspectives series, and this one goes out to a lot of the Jamie – Claire fans. Of course, it isn’t lost on us that if you adore Outlander, the Frasers are probably a big part of the reason why. They are the emotional foundation for this show!

Last week, the question we posed was a fairly simple one: What storyline from season 4 did you want to see a little more of? It was something that our entire staff was wondering about given that there was so much crammed into 13 episodes! It felt like the story could’ve easily been expanded to fifteen or sixteen episodes, and ironically it still would not even cover the entirety of Drums of Autumn. There is still a little more there that could carry over to season 5.

Some of our candidates included Roger and Bree in the present, Bree’s time with Lord John Grey, and Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian’s journey to Shadow Lake. All of these received some votes, but the winning candidate took it home by a fairly wide margin: Building the home at Fraser’s Ridge.

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Domestic scenes within the world of Outlander are sometimes undersold; it’s not just a tendency with this show, though, as it’s the case with the majority of the ones we cover. The writing strategy with many dramas always seems to be to leave viewers wanting more of the happier times — it creates more urgency to get back to them and it makes these moments all the more precious. The reason why we didn’t see more of the cabin being built, for example, was because this may have been a little more peaceful than some of what came after the fact. We had a few fun moments of laying the foundation, and then magically by the start of the next episode, the cabin was there.

We are still curious as to how Jamie and Claire got all of their stuff — is there an 18th-century version of Pottery Barn nearby? It would’ve been fun just from a lifestyle point of view to see how much of their home came together and some of the struggles that they had along the way. Presumably, there was a time in which the two did have to deal a lot with the elements, wild animals, other humans, and all sorts of other struggles while they got this place together. Regrettably, we didn’t see much of it.

Moving into Outlander season 5, there is going to be another home at Fraser’s Ridge in construction — the famous Big House! Here’s to hoping we see a little more of its construction, especially if we’ve got characters like Jamie and Roger involved with it somehow. They deserve to have a little bit of bonding time after spending most of their scenes together in season 4 coming to blows.

Remember, Outlander season 5 is still a long time away. That’s what makes these Perspectives pieces all the better! They offer up some small opportunities for reflection while we eagerly await what lies on the other side.

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