Last Man Standing season 7 episode 16 video: What ‘Urban Exploring’ really means

Last Man StandingTonight, Last Man Standing season 7 episode 16 is going to be delivering an episode entitled “Urban Exploring” — and if you don’t know what that means, you’re not alone! Consider this article your reminder that kids are often so much more aware of what’s going on in the world than some of us adults are (to be fair though we’ve been uncool with the hip trends most of our lives and we are okay with that).

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As the sneak peek below perfectly illustrates, Boyd (check out our interview with Jet Jurgensmeyer here) has taken it upon himself to find a new hobby, one that is daring, dangerous, and certainly unique: Visiting rooftops and abandoned buildings for photographs. The word for this is “urbexing,” which is a term that we’re pretty sure we will never actually hear in everyday conversation.

We do understand the idea behind these sort of trips — if you go on Instagram, a good 90% of what you see are photos of either people’s food, people at the gym or their cute pets (speaking of cute pets, be sure to follow our Instagram to see pictures of our adorable dog Coco Chanel Vanderwoof). If you’re really into photography, you want to bring a different angle to the world. There is something striking and beautiful about forgotten humanity, plans that fell apart and buildings that amounted to nothing. Boyd’s just a kid, but there is something rather profound about the activity that he’s chosen to take on.

Now that we’ve spelled that out there is also a problem: He’s going to random buildings and taking photos. We don’t think that we have to spell out why this is a problem. In nature, it’s a little bit easier to take precautions for the dangers around you — they’re more predictable. Outdoor Man is the perfect place to be around for advice on that! This is why Mike Baxter is so eager in this preview to point Boyd in this direction — it’s infinitely better than him dealing with dangerous people who may be lurking in the shadows during an urbexing tour.

Maybe this sneak peek is about all of us learning “what the kids are into” (we’ve never felt like more of an old person than writing that sentence); or, maybe it’s just a chance to get a few more laughs. Our favorite part of this preview is hearing Chuck talk about some of his own hobbies … which include watching people shop. There’s something about Chuck one-liners that raise this show to another level for us.

Beyond this preview…

Remember that Mike’s perspective on Boyd’s new hobby is not going to be the only one contained within this episode. Kristin is also going to have her own perspective on the matter, and she and her father are going to clash on it. For those of you who do love the inter-generational conflict aspect of Last Man Standing, this episode should be for you. Mike’s got his own view of the world, Kristin’s going to be protective of her son, and of course, Boyd just wants to do whatever he wants. He’s a kid! If he wasn’t trying to test his boundaries, that would be more surprising than anything.

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