A Million Little Things season 2 premiere date possibilities!

A Million Little ThingsEven though the finale hasn’t even aired yet on ABC, we still think the time is right to discuss A Million Little Things season 2 … at least through the lens of its premiere date. After all, we feel like the network’s got some interesting decisions on their hands here.

We should start off here by noting that the ensemble drama if you haven’t heard, is officially coming back for another season. This was first announced a while back, to the happiness of many who have followed its underdog story for the beginning. A Million Little Things had an under-the-radar start in a difficult timeslot but produced enough DVR numbers for ABC to realize that it was worthy of something more. That’s why they moved it to Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern; the top five most-watched episodes of the show have come since the series underwent the move, and that’s even when factoring in the premiere (which is typically inflated).

Because of the better ratings for the show on Thursday, ABC now finds themselves in an interesting spot for season 2: Where do you want to put this show on the air? There’s a clear case for wanting to leave it here, given that it is performing just as well, if not better at times than Station 19 did in this timeslot. The only time Station 19 performed legitimately better was a crossover with lead-in Grey’s Anatomy this past fall.

We like to be solutions-oriented here and with that, we’ve got an idea as to how to make things work.

Step 1 – Keep Grey’s Anatomy in the same timeslot. Seriously, we’re not so crazy as to come on here and tell anyone to shift one of the most popular series of all time to a different spot. Keep it as long as Ellen Pompeo wants to be there.

Step 2 – Keep A Million Little Things at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. In basketball, there’s a thing called the hot hand — if someone is shooting and making a ton of their shots, why drift away from that? Let them keep shooting. We think this is still a show with room to grow, and there are a lot of viewers out there who haven’t even discovered it yet.

Step 3 – Move Station 19 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Unless it comes back with ratings in another stratosphere than what it did in the fall, we’re not sure we’d give it its old timeslot back at the moment. It’s got a devoted audience, so we don’t think it’d necessarily falter too much in the later timeslot. It also could help to improve it, as How to Get Away with Murder has been struggling there as of late.

Step 4 – Here’s where everything comes to fruition. There’s no guarantee that How to Get Away with Murder comes back and if it does, it could be the final season. Our feeling is that you ride this fall the Grey’s Anatomy – A Million Little Things – Station 19 lineup until A Million Little Things season 2 ends, and then bump up Station 19 to the 9:00 p.m. spot and put How to Get Away with Murder on after it for a shortened season 6. The maximizes the network’s potential ratings, at least based on all of the good stuff we’re seeing now.

The possible premiere date

Odds are, ABC will bring it back in late September/early October. This is typical for most TV shows these days and there’s little reason to shake things up so many years after establishing the pattern.

We’ll keep you up to date with more news on A Million Little Things as it comes out over at the archive page — be sure to come back soon!

What do you want to see from A Million Little Things season 2?

Also, when do you want to see it air? Be sure to share your thoughts now in the attached comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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