The Masked Singer finale: Is the Monster T-Pain? Peacock, Bee unmasked

MonsterIn this edition of our The Masked Singer finale coverage, we’re talking about reveals! So who are the Monster, the Bee, and the Peacock? We’re going to reveal all of that within this piece!

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Before we get further into this article, let’s go ahead and share what the common theories are out there: That Donny Osmond is the Peacock, that Gladys Knight is the Bee, and that T-Pain is the Monster. Of the three, the Monster has managed to hide it the most from the judges. The judges haven’t ever guessed that T-Pain is under the mask so this is something that could certainly be a big surprise to them. (It’s felt pretty obvious with the Bee and the Peacock from the beginning that this is who they are — it’s just hard to mask those voices when they are so unbelievably distinctive!)

Bee – Gladys Knight. She was in third place, and it was pretty much obvious among the panel. Everyone, apparently other than Ken Jeong, knew that this was her! Apparently, she was the first celebrity who Nick Cannon ever met, and she gave him a lot of sage advice early on in his career. We love Gladys and it’s absolutely awesome that she’s willing to do this when clearly, she’s had so much success in her career and she doesn’t need to do anything else.

Peacock – He’s been such an eclectic personality all season long and it’s been a joy to watch him perform. In the end, though, it is Donny Osmond! He seemed to love doing this show and more than that, he was happy to travel from Las Vegas in order to do this show … while also still doing the Vegas show! That’s incredible, and he was a perfect season 1 representative — a gifted performer who welcomed this opportunity.

Monster – The rumors were true — the Monster is T-Pain! He had an incredible run over the course of the show, doing so many different sorts of performances to try and throw people off. He wanted to do this mostly because he felt like, for the bulk of his career, he was judged based solely on his auto-tune and really nothing else. He didn’t have all that many opportunities to shine on his own. While as the Monster, he had an opportunity to do something that was totally different. We love that he did this show and we love that he’s the winner on the other side of it. He earned it — Monster no more!

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