Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3: Could Wendy be evacuated?

Edge of ExtinctionCurious as to what could be coming up on Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 3? Consider this article your foundation for what’s next? We know that there’s a lot of super-crazy stuff bound to be coming up at just about every given moment; in the modern era of Survivor, this is just how they tend to do things.

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Coming out of tonight’s episode, we saw the Manu tribe lose the second straight challenge and with that, the second straight person in Keith. We were certainly shocked that he took more than a second to decide if he wants to come back in the game or not. As a matter of fact, that’s our cliffhanger! We don’t know what way he’s going to go. We want to think that he’ll go the route of fighting forward, but there are no guarantees. He may just be exhausted and downtrodden over what just happened to him in the game; it’s hard being out there! It’s even harder for someone who feels responsible for losing a challenge.

Ultimately, Kelley Wentworth is still safe … but we do think that she’ll still be targeted down the line.

Is Wendy getting evacuated?

That’s what the preview for the next week makes us wonder. It looks like she may have broken a bone in her ankle or her foot — i.e., easily the sort of thing that can get you evacuated from this game. She really just needs to figure out if she can continue first, and then try to muster up the resiliency.

If Wendy does go, it’ll be a tough break for a Manu tribe that is already having an impossible time out there! They’ve lost the first two challenges, they don’t have a beast in Joe Anglim, and Wendy is actually capable in challenges. She’s a good swimmer! She hasn’t shown a lot of strategic clout just yet but at this point in the game, you don’t need that. You just need to be able to figure out a way in which to continuously fight to stay around for three more days. We’re at that point in the game — it’s about just putting one foot and front of the other. Over on the Edge of Extinction for Reem, that is really what she’s going to have to do since otherwise, there is really no way for her to make it through. It’s a long stay for her there.

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