Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2 review: To blindside or not to blindside

Kelley Wentworth

At the start of Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 2, it was clear that the twist will be an emotional one more so than one that’s impacting the show in the immediate future. It’s really rather simple — you’re thrown out into the middle of nowhere and you wait. You can’t do anything else. You can leave whenever you want, but you, of course, don’t want to do that. Reem wants to stick this out for the sake of her family, but we’ve got a feeling that it’s not going to be easy.

Within the confines of the game itself, it was clear that Wendy was out for revenge over the elimination of her friend, and was blaming one person in particular for her problem: Kelley Wentworth. She wants to get her out, as she sees her as trying to run the game. The dangerous spot for Wendy is that because she’s potentially a target for everyone, there’s a consideration to going out and doing a community idol-hunt. It’s smart — if you know where the idol is, it’s so much easier than not knowing. You have to do whatever you can to make life a little bit easier on you.

There were multiple players involved in this idol hunt and it stretched from one side of the beach to the other. Unfortunately for Wendy, she wasn’t the one who found it — it was Lauren instead! Kelley Wentworth’s ally (who, mind you, is also an enormous Kelley fan) has the idol, but she doesn’t plan to tell anyone about it. Smart. It also doesn’t seem like she needs it right now so this will help her to feel safe in the event that she ever does need to play it down the road.

There’s one other important story to note on the Manu tribe, and that is the sudden/exciting bromance that’s going down with David Wright and also Rick. They get along, think about the game the same, and they’re both strategists. Usually, we see people in this role contemplate targeting each other, but that’s not happening for now. This alliance should be fun.

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Over on Kama…

We didn’t see a whole lot of them before the immunity challenge, other than learning that Aubry was in a certain degree of danger. Nobody was all that interested in talking with her in an in-depth way, but they were very eager to talk about her behind her back. She was probably doing a little too much of saying the same thing to the same person…

Was there an idol hunt going on at this camp? Absolutely, but you also didn’t see anyone find it … at least before the challenge.

The Immunity Challenge

It was clear fairly early on here that in water challenges, Keith is a liability because of his swimming skills or lack thereof. This was a repeat of the classic haul-the-snake challenge that we’ve seen in the past — Aubry’s even done it before. We hate to dogpile Keith here, but his struggles were really the theme of this. He couldn’t do the ring-toss at the end, and that caused the Manu tribe to struggle to keep up with Kama. It was pretty clear for almost this whole episode that this was going to happen (the yellow tribe just has the numbers), and it did end up being the end result.

Wardog leads the charge

After the conclusion to the challenge, it was clear that he wanted to send Keith out of the game — and understandably so. He was a huge liability in this challenge and we don’t exactly think that there’s going to be a better swimmer in the weeks ahead.

Yet, here’s the thing — Rick and David want out Wentworth. So does Wendy. When Chris made it clear that he wanted out Kelley, that changed the game — with Keith on board, they could have the numbers! The problem here, though, was Wardog questioning the plan when Chris brought it up to him.

This was potentially the best time to take Kelley out … but did that mean the tribe was going to go through with it? Our thought entering Tribal was that despite the intrigue around the blindside, it probably wouldn’t happen. The value to keeping Wentworth is that she’s always going to be a target — i.e., someone you want to hide behind.

Now, Tribal

It is interesting how Wendy was such an obvious boot entering this episode but managed to really climb out of that hole through no real action of her own. She just lucked out because of Keith being so terrible in the immunity challenge.

Keith was the one voted out, and you could just see how upset he was at the thought of being voted out of this game … and then he saw the signs point towards the Edge of Extinction. He was upset, and we don’t know if he’s actually going to come back! That’s your cliffhanger…

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