Chicago PD season 6 episode 16 video: A serial killer hunt begins

Chicago PDWhen Chicago PD season 6 episode 16 arrives on NBC tonight, Intelligence may be tested in a way that they haven’t been for some time. When Hailey Upton fills up the whiteboard as she does in the sneak peek below, you know that it’s pretty big (and pretty bad) news.

What are we dealing with here? Think in terms of a possible serial killer, and a grave injustice. Upton’s been able to connect a number of murders from 2016 due to the method in which they were killed: They were all stabbed 18 times, were kept alive for a specified period following their capture, and their bodies were disposed of in dumpsters. They were all dancers of some degree, and they all have proximity to Garfield Park. The East and West Garfield Park neighborhoods of Chicago are expansive, so for those  of you who are wondering why these victims weren’t connected before now, that may be a reason. Incompetence may be another.

The fact that there are three victims here, killed via the same M.O., is the sort of thing that could send much of the city into a panic. Add to this the fact that there are several other women still reported missing; what else do these victims have in common? They’re also all young women with similar backgrounds. The more information you hear from Upton, the more apparent the case becomes. Also, shout out to whoever the crew member is who put that whiteboard together — if you zoom in on it at the right moment, it really sums up the case and Upton’s evidence really well.

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We don’t think we even have to spell out the takeaway here — there’s some bad stuff happening in the Windy City. Really bad. Even worse when you consider that neither the police nor the FBI has been on the ball on this. If you report it to the feds now, you could upend the Mayoral race and what’s going on with Kelton, but is that really more important then people dying?. We don’t think the news networks reporting about a serial killer (one still on the lam for the past few years) will go over all that well with his approval ratings. Yet, it’s the job of Intelligence to ignore politics, cover their rears, and get the job done. They’re going to have to do this and do it quickly — there could be panic, there could be chaos, and there could be thousands of people filling up the tip-lines the longer this goes.

This may be the most dangerous person the unit has ever chased down in the past couple of seasons; sure, there are really bad people they regularly encounter, but most of them are drug dealers, thieves, or the occasional killer who is acting with a specific motive rather than harboring whatever sort of compulsion this guy has. This is almost a Criminal Minds case wedged within the Chicago PD world and Intelligence doesn’t have the sort of resources that the BAU does. It’s going to be about focus, police-work, and timing.

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Do you think that Intelligence is going to capture this serial killer on Wednesday night’s episode before things go from bad to worse? Be sure to sound off below. (Photo: NBC.)

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