Lethal Weapon season 3 finale video: Is Cole okay with Natalie’s wedding?

Lethal Weapon season 2 promoLethal Weapon season 3 will air its finale on Tuesday night, and rest assured, there will be plenty of action — as in, a super crazy amount of action. As in, people constantly fearing for their lives and their future! This is the universe of the show and with a season 4 uncertain, everyone needs to make the best of things tonight. While that includes some of the stories for the characters, that certainly also includes the viewers — especially those who have stuck with the show and found something to like here in the midst of widespread chaos and conversation about the show’s future. The waters seemed to have calmed behind the scenes, but a tidal wave still could be coming depending on if it returns for another season.

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When it comes to our analysis of the sneak peek below let’s dial everything back. This preview is small, focused, and personal — it’s not about watching things go “boom” … other than maybe Wesley Cole’s heart. We know that he still has some feelings for Natalie; it’s hard for those to not be there with their history. These feelings also come out in conversations he has with his daughter Maya about Natalie and Andrew tying the knot. Hearing about your ex moving on can sometimes be difficult, especially when it’s something as serious as marriage and a rest of your life commitment.

The first thing that we love about this is that Cole wraps presents like we wrap presents — terribly. We are beyond bad at it and if there was a prize for worst wrapping job on the planet we would certainly take home the prize. Also, we love that he has a ridiculous explanation for it (we just admit that we suck at it) almost like he’s intentionally terrible at it. In the words of Cole, it’s what’s inside that counts. True, but can’t you watch a YouTube video or something on this? maybe we should take our own advice!

Anyway, the gift isn’t the point here; the preview is meant mostly instead to hone in on some of the feelings that Wesley has towards his ex and whether or not he’s dealing with her wedding in the healthiest possible way. Spoiler alert — he’s not. He had dreams of interrupting it earlier this season! Of course, he’s not going to tell his daughter this — he’s become a better dad this season and a part of that is trying to make sure that he doesn’t cause problems that could create grief for his daughter. He needs her to be okay; hopefully, that remains the case over the finale and he continues to prioritize her feelings over any of his own.

What else should you expect tonight?

Well, the recent return of Tom Barnes is causing some new trust issues between Cole and Murtaugh, and you should absolutely expect some of these problems to come to a head. Be prepared for some tough questions and a possible cliffhanger at the tail end of the finale … even with the show’s future uncertain, it makes more sense for the writers to try a big swing than to leave everything perfectly tied-together. One of our favorite shows in Hannibal did this and even though they left us on one of the craziest cliffhanger we’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot because we watch a ton of television), we appreciate that they didn’t let the fear of cancellation hold them back.

You can read more information regarding the Lethal Weapon finale now, including the full synopsis, over here.

What are your expectations in regards to the Lethal Weapon season 3 finale?

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