NCIS: Los Angeles season 10: First Kensi – Deeks wedding tease!

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 6Mrs. Carter: Excited about the Kensi – Deeks wedding coming up on NCIS: Los Angeles season 10? We all have another BIG reason to be today and I can hardly contain my excitement over it.

At the bottom of my article, you can see the new TV Guide cover that gives you the first teaser of Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah’s characters on their special day. This is something that’s been a long time coming for these two, and this wedding has been a part of this show ever since the end of season 8. I understand that weddings take a long time to plan (mine took about a year), but come on!

There have been so many questions over the years concerning what the wedding will look like and when it’s going to happen, and this should be your signal that it’s going to be very soon.

How soon, you ask? Check out the piece I wrote over the weekend here — it gives you a deeper look into the wedding date. Rest assured, we won’t be waiting too much longer…

What is going to be so fun about the Densi wedding is that it should prove to be a perfect celebration of both their love and also the show itself. Everything on NCIS: Los Angeles is told through a specific lens, one where the core team is a family and although there is often a lot of action and fun cases, the meat of this show for us is how much the team cares for one another. It’s probably fair to assume entering the wedding day that there are some aspects of it that will fall apart as happens at almost ever wedding. For my wedding one of our misfortunes was regarding our wedding cake. Matt and I had a PacMan themed wedding cake and our wedding cake toppers were Mr. and Mrs Pac-Man where they wore a top hat and a veil. Mr Pac-Man was so heavy that he rolled right off the cake before we even got it to the venue. Don’t worry, he survived (and sits on our fire place mantel), but he also left a giant dent in our cake. So will there likely be issues for Kensi and Deeks? Probably, but as long as they say their vows – we will be more then happy.

If nothing else, the TV Guide cover should offer some assurances that the NCIS: Los Angeles team is (probably) not pulling the rug out from under you on the ceremony happening — they don’t want to become the show that cried wolf on this like other shows have in the past (no one wants a repeat of Castle). They want there to be some specific moments and events for their viewers to expect, and to be able to deliver on some of those expectations. In general, there are two events that are high up on the expectation ladder for this season: The Deeks/Kensi wedding and then the potential return of Hetty, who has been MIA for quite some time. (Linda Hunt has been recovering from a car accident last summer.)

New episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles will resume airing on Sunday night, with the first one back featuring Deeks and Kensi checking off some of the final details on their pre-wedding to-do list. It will also be a great chance to assess how the team is doing on the other side of that epic, challenging “Smokescreen” two-parter. If you missed it, CarterMatt recorded a video all about that episode after it aired — check it out below and be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for some additional updates! There’s also a full NCIS playlist that is absolutely worth your time.

Excited to see the Deeks/Kensi wedding?

What do you want to see — funny moments? Drama? dance moves? drunk uncle falling into the cake? Romance? All of the above? Share in the comments, and of course, stay tuned! (Photo: CBS.)

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