The Expanse season 4 spoilers: The latest names coming on board!

The Expanse

Getting The Expanse season 4 is a huge victory — we know that already, and that’s without knowing all that much about what’s coming up. This is a series that accomplished the rare feat of being saved from cancellation — and by a streaming provider in Amazon! This is a streaming provider that doesn’t have some huge reputation of snagging shows out of the cancellation void and giving them a platform to bring new episodes to life, so that’s saying something about the show if Amazon is moving away from it’s original programming to snag this up. Also, we’re just going to put this out there – Amazon is easily the leading streaming provider in our minds with the quality of shows it’s putting out right now with titles like Absentia, Sneaky Pete, Goliath, Jack Ryan and Bosch, so The Expanse is in some very good company here.

There’s another epic story to tell now, one that will hopefully ignite imagination and also escalate the drama to new levels. With Amazon on board, we’re also expecting some high-budget effects and an even broader scale than ever before.

Admittedly, there will be some time to talk about the scale, the style, and the celebration of the series itself before the series returns, so CarterMatt is working with the explicit purpose of talking about casting news for the up coming season! Read on for more; all of the casting information is courtesy of Deadline.

Rosa Gilmore – The former The Handmaid’s Tale actress is going to recur coming up as Lucia Mazur, a Belter refugee who has training within the world of medics. She’s the sort of person who treats her skill set as an obligation — if someone is in danger, she’s going to help them. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are on her side.

During the fourth season, Lucia will stake a claim to a new planet, one with many similarities to Earth, on the other side of the Ring Gates.

Keon Alexander – Alexander, best known for his work on Tyrant, will be playing an unnamed Belter faction leader — someone with a tendency to get themselves out of tough situations with their wiles and charisma. Some of his other credits include Impulse as well as an episode of NCIS.

Jess Salgueiro – Finally, Salgueiro will be taking on the role of a “cynical corporate security officer.” The actress has a number of credits on some fantastic Canada-based shows including Orphan Black, Mary Kills People, and Saving Hope. Given that The Expanse films in Toronto (a place that holds a special place in our hearts since we spent a portion of our lives there), the casting makes some sense from this vantage point.

When will season 4 premiere?

That remains one of the great mysteries — along with a lot of the story for this season is still unknown, but there’s pretty much zero incentive for the producers to come out and spill the beans on some of that this early on.

Because of the move over to Amazon from Syfy, there will probably be a larger break in between seasons than most. The show also needs time to integrate the visual effects and perfect all of the episodes to premiere all at once. In the end, we’re not in any hurry — the better the overall quality, the higher the chances at season 5. Remember that Amazon probably didn’t save The Expanse with expectations of making this into a one-season show. They likely want so much more than that and we’ll just have to wait and see if that happens.

Want some other news on The Expanse?

Then we suggest heading over to the link here, and stay tuned for some additional scoop!

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