Shadowhunters season 3 episode 11 review: One and (not) the same

Shadowhunters season 3 castShadowhunters season 3 episode 11 arrived on Freeform Monday night after an impossibly long wait — and, in the process, introduced Clary Fairchild to more of the impossible. Within this episode, you saw an apartment on the move, some stunning revelations, and her finding herself in a precarious position with an extremely dangerous foe: Jonathan, the real Jonathan. Luke Baines is playing this character and he’s got a new face, but he is every bit as maniacal and obsessive as ever before.

As a matter of fact, you can argue that he’s even worse.

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The good news for Clary at present is that she is alive; the bad news is, well … everything else. She’s separated from the people she loves and is being held as a prisoner both physically and psychologically. There’s also the “bond” that the two have — if he dies, she dies. The same can be said in reverse. Clary tried to make her move at the end of the episode, only for said move to go completely up in smoke. Her attempt to kill him almost killed her … and that’s where we leave off with her, at least for the time being. (Hey, at least we know she’s alive, right?)

Jonathan’s most-chilling line of the night is courtesy of him telling Clary that they are “one.” Um, no. Being linked by blood doesn’t mean your hearts are in the same spot.

Beyond Jonathan’s creep-fest

We know that other characters are doing everything that they can in order to either grieve or look for her, provided they still think that she is out there. When it comes to Simon, he is embarking on a difficult mission to get intel from one of the few people who can help his mark — a vampire, one of the most ancient ones in all of New York. Odds are if you’re a vampire this old, there’s a pretty good chance that you know how to stay in hiding. Tracking this character down is not going to be easy for him, but he at least has the support of Maia, who thankfully is back in town after going MIA for a little while.

Maia had a particularly notable conversation with Izzy, one in which she was told about Simon’s traumatic experience with Heidi at the end of the first half of the season; meanwhile, Maia clued Izzy in on what he’s going through with his mark in the aftermath of losing Clary. Neither Maia or Izzy had a particularly-huge storyline in this episode, but we have to assume more is coming.

Meanwhile, Luke is getting closer and closer to becoming Carrie Mathison of Homeland will his cork-board full of images, thoughts, and theories. Hey, he is a cop after all, isn’t this what cops do? Everyone handles grief in their own way, and Luke is clearly in the “she’s still alive” part of the process. Jace may eventually come around, but is currently immersed in his anger and rage over what happened. He’s lost the one person he loves more than anyone in the world; obviously, this is not something that he’s going to be able to get over immediately. The problem for the Institute, and the reason Alec wants to sideline him, is because he’s not channeling that rage in a way that’s particularly productive to his own health out in the field.

The Malec mission of the week

While some of the guys were searching for Clary and while Clary was running away from Jonathan in the snow (before trying to kill him, of course), Magnus had to understand that life without magic is different. After Iris decided that she was going to try and take back Madzie from Malec (and, in turn, Catarina), he had to spring into action; alas, the problem was that his wards were ineffective, he didn’t possess the spell power he once did, and he ended up being captured by Iris about midway through the episode.

From here, the Institute’s primary task was making sure that they could track him down and reclaim him. What did we get in turn? Think along the lines of some awesome fight sequences and Magnus using one of his best attributes in order to save Madzie and keep her protected — his mind and his resiliency. Magic does not define Magnus; Magnus defines Magnus, and his heart and soul ensure that Iris wasn’t going to be able to ever track Madzie down.

In the end, consider a reminder that Magnus is going to need some serious weapons training if he’s going to want to be without magic forever. Paging Izzy and Alec for some training montages!

CarterMatt Verdict

Shadowhunters is a show about magic, warlocks, vampires, and so much more; yet, beyond all of that, it is a show about relationships and how people are so much stronger in numbers than ever apart. This is why Clary could end up being safe, and also why Magnus was able to be saved near the episode’s end. The messages of this show are one of the reasons why it is so appealing to such a wide variety of viewers.

There were so many memorable scenes in the episode that we haven’t even mentioned yet, whether it be Magnus having to apply his eyeliner without magic, Simon visiting Raphael, Raphael giving us an excellent “aren’t all the legends true” line, and then also Magnus trying to educate Alec on the movie resume of one Baz Luhrmann. (No joke — we’d watch a full episode of just Magnus and Alec watching Romeo + Juliet and then The Great Gatsby.)

If you love Shadowhunters, this is the show you remember, one with excellent twists, great heroes and villains, and a feeling of inspiration and hope that courses through your veins. All the legends are true — this is a show that was absolutely worth the wait.

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