When Calls the Heart season 6 premiere review: The first telephone

When Calls the HeartWhat makes When Calls the Heart special is that within its world, every little thing matters. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the arrival of the telephone or a major decision over the future of the saloon.

In one way or another, both of these stories were essential to the story in Hope Valley … but let’s kick things off with the saloon. Why all of the hubbub over buying it? It’s about what it represents. In the era of When Calls the Heart, restaurants and bars represent a community. They are gathering places, social barometers, and a place where memories are made.

Henry and Bill tonight both were intent on getting the place and calling it their own; this led to a major back-and-forth as they each tried to state their case. Yet, consider this a classic case of misdirection. The writers wanted you to focus on the rivalry, mostly because is set the two of them up for quite a fall. By the time the two finally understood that they were better working together than apart, they came to realize that there was another buyer of the saloon, someone who went in at a higher asking price.

Here’s where there is a touch of mystery: This buyer is from out of town. A stranger is going to be coming to Hope Valley, and with that comes questions. Why would you buy the saloon, and be a part of a community you don’t quite no?

The status of Jesse and Clara

Is he committed to making things work with her, and taking on a larger commitment? Clara was excited about some of what he promised, but also nervous about the holdup. She didn’t realize why he didn’t have the money for a nuptial or for them to start their lives together. Jesse seemed like a nice enough guy, so why wait to make the leap?

As it turns out, there was a sensible reason: A past obligation, and a mission he wanted to fulfill. He wanted to clear himself of this before trying to move forward with her. Judging from her kiss at the end of the episode, it feels like Clara clearly understands.

The ringing

That’s where the premiere tonight closed things off — the ringing of the phone! Mayor Stanton got her phone call and with that, a little part of Hope Valley has changed for good. Maybe it won’t shatter the foundation of the town, but it is a small movement, one that could bring in new information and perspective.

CarterMatt Verdict

When Calls the Heart is the television version of a restaurant or a saloon. This is a warm, comforting, and by and large, lighthearted show. It’s a chance to see a lot of characters take on personal struggles that viewers, despite the difference in era, can feel and relate to on some level.

Haven’t we all been in a position where we were excited or optimistic about something new, even though we were slightly afraid of the change it could bring to our lives? That’s where the connective tissue came into play with the telephone story.

What is coming up next?

If you are curious about getting more info on When Calls the Heart, we have a preview for season 6 episode 2 over at this link. It’s airing on the Hallmark Channel next week, and a new character could be shaking things up!

What did you think about the When Calls the Heart season 6 premiere? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: Hallmark Channel.)

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