Shameless season 9 episode 13 preview: Debbie makes a move on Kelly

ShamelessNext week’s Shameless season 9 episode 13 is the penultimate one for the time being. The finale (episode 14) will arrive next month; but, before then, we need to take a dive into the world of “Lost.” Fittingly, the episode that follows is “Found.” These two episodes could in some way be seen as a two-parter, with them setting the stage for the departure of Emmy Rossum from the show.

Recently, we posted a piece suggesting how Fiona could depart the Showtime series, and it included everything from her getting a new opportunity to the writers choosing the darkest-timeline route and killing her off. After the events of tonight, we’re starting to feel more confident that Fiona will live. She went to a meeting, and she can use this moment as a jumping-off-point to rebuild her life and try to repair things — especially with Lip, who tried to throw both her and all of her stuff out of her place.

There won’t be blue skies for Fiona right away — recovery takes time, and there may relapse on the horizon. You can’t look at this South-Side world through rose-colored glasses. Yet, we do think that the writers want to end Fiona’s run with relative optimism; based on the events tonight, there could be some sunshine.

What’s happening elsewhere?

We mention the Debbie – Kelly storyline in the title, and this is suggested further as important in the episode’s synopsis:

Frank’s injury gets in the way of everyone’s plans; Fiona attempts to get her life back on track; Lip grows frustrated with his relationship with Tami; Carl gets some bad news about his future; Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly.

Will we see a romance between Debbie and Kelly play out? It’s all about the short-term versus the long; there could be a dalliance, but for Kelly, what’s the incentive? What joy comes out of being romantically intertwined with two different siblings and the inevitable angst that goes along with it. Unlike the Gallaghers, this is someone with a tangible future, one that she can touch and feel. That’s not something that can be forgotten as she makes her decisions regarding her future.

If nothing else, it’s possible that down the line, maybe Carl and Debbie can use their shared heartbreak as therapy in the event Kelly decides she’s had enough.

As for Lip…

We feel for the guy. Tami does have the right to make the decisions that she wants, and she doesn’t owe him to consider some of what he’s gone through with Xan as justification to have the baby. This is a life and a decision that is on her timeline, and even if the two share a nice moment or two (like we saw at the end of tonight), these may not be long-lasting.

Shameless is a show about feelings and as we’ve come to know through this show, these can change on a dime.

If you missed it…

Check out our full review for tonight’s Shameless episode now over at the link here. Meanwhile, share your expectations for season 9 episode 13 in the attached comments. (Photo: Showtime.)

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