Victoria season 3 episode 7 sneak peek: The Great Exhibition

VictoriaJust in case you are eagerly searching for counter-programming opposite the Oscars, may we suggest Victoria season 3 episode 7? The latest new episode will debut on PBS Sunday, and there is a significant dose of history in there courtesy of The Great Exhibition.

For those unaware, The Great Exhibition was a fantastic marvel of 1851. Set at the Crystal Palace, it brought famous people from all over the globe together, whether it be known politicians, authors like Charles Dickens, or even the famed Charles Darwin! It was a marvel of culture, an opportunity to see the entire world all in one place as the best and brightest were there to showcase their talents. It was an event like no other than produced a great ripple effect; in the aftermath of The Great Exhibition taking place, many other world’s fairs began to take shape all over the globe.

Yet, like any other grand event of its nature, The Great Exhibition began as just a mere idea, spawned from none other than Prince Albert’s skull. In the sneak peek below, you can receive more illumination on the show’s interpretation of events. He is intent on creating a grand spectacle, one that will capture the imagination of a great deal of the world. Think in terms of the finest wares in a venue that will impress countries and kingdoms all over the world.

Unfortunately for Prince Albert, a part of his mind here is forgetting something valuable: In life, you don’t just proclaim you want something, snap your fingers, and then have it magically appear. Things of this nature take money and time; there may not be either, at least in terms of having things his way.

‘Tis the beauty of this show

No matter the scope of his ideas or the resistance that may be there, we know that The Great Exhibition does come to pass in due time. Victoria as a series gives you a chance to fill in the cracks of history in a thoughtful way; there were no documentaries in the 18th century to capture events as they truly were, and all we have instead are records written by those who wanted to craft the narrative in the way in which they saw fit.

For those who love stories of ingenuity, or for those who just don’t want to watch the Academy Awards, Victoria season 3 episode 7 is to be your refuge. There will be potential victories throughout it, but then also a little bit of romance. The promo below, to go along with the sneak peek, sets the stage for a myriad of the stories to be told. If you do still find yourself wanting more, we’ve got additional details over at this link. There is only one more episode on the other side of this one; following that, we enter the uncertain waters, waiting to see if a season 4 surfaces on the horizon.

Excited for Victoria season 3 episode 7?

Share your thoughts on that matter, and on the series featuring The Great Exhibition (or at least the buildup) below. (Photo: PBS.)

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