The Masked Singer season 2: Should it feature all non-singers?

The Masked SingerWith The Masked Singer finale rapidly approaching on Monday, this is basically our opportunity to get almost all thoughts pertaining to the series out of our system. Today, that includes one important piece of speculation regarding season 2: Would it be better off if there were no singers in the mix at all?

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We know that this idea is completely insane, mostly because you don’t want twelve singers wandering around out there who are basically Tommy Chong. Yet, doing this would alleviate the obvious, glaring problem with season 1 as a whole: How easy it was to unmask some of these very “masked” singers. From the jump, it was just 100% clear who some of them were from the sound of their voice alone. The Peacock just naturally sounds like Donny Osmond. Meanwhile, the Bee is so obviously Gladys Knight.

For a moment, contrast these two performers with some of the more surprising entries. Rumer Willis as the Lion was an outstanding cast — she’s an actor who can sing and because of that, you were able to get lost more in the character’s story and actually examine the clues. It made the other parts of the show matter a little bit more. You can make the same argument for the Poodle a.k.a. Margaret Cho — another voice you don’t know from the singing world.

The Masked Singer is, fundamentally, a singing show. Yet, it’s also somewhat of an emotional journey. It is affording you the opportunity to get to know these performers in a totally different context and see them in their purest form. If you immediately picture who is behind the mask, doesn’t that serve as a small distraction? Does it detract from the overall meaning? This is something that we personally think about.

Is the Monster a unicorn?

No, Tori Spelling was a unicorn. (Rim shot.)

Anyhow, what we mean by this is that if the rumors about the Monster’s identity are true, it’s T-Pain. He’s a musical unicorn for this show in that he’s a singer who the majority of the audience has never heard without the presence of auto-tune. If you can find more singers in his vein, you’re going to keep the spirit of the show alive while also guaranteeing yourself some great performers. The problem is that there are probably very few other singers who fit the bill of “I’ve used auto-tune in a number of my hits so nobody really knows what my pure voice sounds like.”

(If the Monster is T-Pain, he really should just release an album full of some of the songs that he’s done on this show.)

The case for getting more singers

It’s simple: You want good singers. You want to make sure that the finale is competitive and beyond just that, you want to make sure you get the biggest names possible. Plus, people being able to recognize the talent this go-around certainly didn’t hurt The Masked Singer in the ratings. The show is beastly in live viewers and was from the moment the first episode aired. It’s carried that momentum through to the finale.

Now, we turn to you

Should The Masked Singer season 2 have more singers, or less, among the cast? Sound off in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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