Blue Bloods season 9: Three stories to be told before finale

Blue Bloods season 9

There is no Blue Bloods season 9 episode tonight — that is ground we feel like we’ve covered already today. Yet, isn’t there still something more to discuss? We think that, from a storytelling perspective, there are some things to ponder.

We’re more than halfway into the season. We’ve seen the shape of things from the writing staff and understand precisely what they are trying to cultivate — powerful stories for many characters, ones that make you think, and even ones that may make you smile or cheer. Blue Bloods is a crime procedural, and a part of that identity is almost certain to never change. Yet, there are also long-term stories that simmer underneath the surface. That leaves you excited for what lies ahead for season 9 and beyond.

Below, CarterMatt has three specific stories that the writers should be addressed before the end of the season — if they don’t, it’s going to be a very long, difficult wait for season 10 in the fall. (Technically, season 10 isn’t even official just yet — consider this wishful thinking with a side of cautious optimism.)

1. The Jamie – Eddie wedding – This is a given. How do you not do this? It’s been hyped for most of the season, we’ve seen stories about the wedding dress and a venue, and isn’t spring the perfect time for a ceremony in New York City? It’s always possible that some calamity arises and the wedding is pushed until the fall, but May sweeps is the most satisfying time to make it happen. It’s also a time in which we’ll be the most psyched-up to see the romance of it all!

2. Danny vs. Delgado – If you’re following along, you’re probably quite aware that Lou Diamond Phillips may be returning later this season. How can you not want that? Well … maybe you don’t want Danny to be in danger. Yet, even with that, taking down Delgado is the key to Danny’s closure. Now that he knows what he does, it is going to be rather hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube. He knows what he knows now and there is no real way to work around that.

3. Take Frank out of the commissioner’s office – Yes, we all knew that Frank Reagan is an extraordinary commissioner. He can solve those trademark ethical dilemmas with the best of him! As the series moves forward now, the goal should be to find a way to stir the pot and force Frank outside of his element. Whether it be with a new love interest, a surprising family problem, or an issue involving his past, we want to see more of Frank the human being outside of the job. Allow for an episode of that.

What do you think that Blue Bloods season 9 needs to bring your way by the finale? Are these three things on your list? Be sure to share now below!

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