The Blacklist season 6 episode 9 review: Who knows Liz’s secret?

The Blacklist logo any seasonLet’s kick this The Blacklist season 6 episode 9 review with a small reminder as to what happened in part 1 tonight — Reddington now knows that Liz Keen is tracking down his real identity, and because of what was handed down via Margarite Renard, she knows that the name Katarina Rostova is being bandied. He knows at this point that he’s beyond the point of no return and she will do what he can to get answers. All of this is problematic.

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Do you know what else is problematic for Liz? Finding herself derailed in her quest for answers, once more, by the truth. There were some elements of “Minister D” that felt disjointed to the first hour, mostly because the entire Task Force was suddenly involved and there was a new opponent — the man in the title, and someone with a penchant for trading and operating with some dark secrets.

So what did Reddington need? Think in terms of a phone recording from the 1990s. He claims that this will allow him the opportunity to further prove this innocence … he just needs it from Minister D. The FBI managed to come into play here, find the tape, and ensure that he could get the tape, once and for all.

The trial of Raymond Reddington

The jury was set and because of that, Reddington’s time was starting to tick away. This is when he had to pull another rabbit out of his hat. We’ve seen already this season that these prosecutors have no problem going hard on him, and are intent on making sure that all of his secrets are exposed.

As Agent Ressler took the stand, we found himself in a compromising position — would he disclose what he knew about Reddington? It was a situation most bizarre, largely because technically, there was a way in which for him to get out of this situation: Admit to being an imposter. Yet, since he clearly wasn’t willing to do that, there was no reason for him to bail him out.

Reddington insisted he needed more time — he was desperate to have more time. He knew that the Task Force’s case could be to his benefit but was starting to run short on opportunities. The judge was not. Giving. Him. An. Inch. It was brutal. Eventually, though, she came around at least to the notion that Reddington’s long-winded narrative style in court had a point. That’s when he stood in front of the court and told them all the story of Katarina Rostova and Raymond Reddington — one dating back for many years and one that would show that he was framed. Reddington may be a criminal, but he was not his traitor. That was his monologue and by all measures, James Spader made this a fantastic knockout punch.

The end result of the trial

Ressler delivered Reddington the tape at the center of the story, and its contents were truly informative — you heard Rostova discuss with Fitch her plans when it comes to Raymond Reddington. (Wasn’t it fascinating to hear Alan Alda’s voice on the show?) Meanwhile, Liz decided to interrogate Minister D himself about having this particular tape.

These tapes brought up so much for Reddington and also for Liz when it comes to his history, and it also was just enough to get him a not guilty plea. This is … great news? Well, there are still so many indictments that need to be addressed. To think, all of this was just to ensure that Raymond would be able to have “not a traitor” on his tombstone. Clearly, for now that was enough.

Other odds and ends

The Aram/Samar storyline is bubbling underneath the surface still, she’s having migraines, and she’s still not telling him about it.

Meanwhile, Dembe spent the better part of the episode digging through clues and finding the woman who made the 911 call … the one Jennifer pay her to make. Dembe knows and it’s official! Liz, in the closing seconds of the episode, put him in the impossible position: Keeping her secret along with the many others stored away in his brain.

CarterMatt Verdict

Why would an imposter choose to take the identity of a suspected traitor? This is the intense, powerful question that you were left to wonder at the end of the episode. Dembe is keeping the secret and we’re left with many questions still. Where do we go from here, and is Katarina the real big bad at the end of all of this? Is she alive? Is She Reddington? There are so many things to wonder in such a short period of time.

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