Wynonna Earp season 4: Syfy ‘committed’ to future of series

Wynonna EarpWhat’s going on at the moment with Wynonna Earp season 4? If you’ve asked yourself this question since last night after seeing the show trending world-wide you’re not alone. This is one of television’s most-unsettling mysteries, one that is spawned from cryptic social-media messages. Perhaps the most notable is series star Melanie Scrofano making it clear that the series should be filming at this point, but is not.

Is the series in danger, and how worried should the Earper fandom collectively be? There are many more bits and pieces of information that do need to come out of the woodwork. Yet, we can at least confirm that on the Syfy end, the series is safe.

In a new statement (via Decider), Syfy seemed to cast the blame elsewhere for whatever is happening behind the scenes:

“SYFY ordered Season 4 of Wynonna Earp from IDW and is completely committed to the series. This has not changed.”

Why this statement matters

The network’s commitment (first made last summer) is mostly of note because of this network’s penchant for canceling shows a few years into their run. Look at Dark Matter or Alphas — heck, look at Nightflyers, which was just canceled after one season. While Syfy may be quick to swing the metaphorical ax on some of their shows, they’ve been kind when it comes to Wynonna Earp. The reasoning for that is crystal clear — this show trends globally with a new episodes, the fans are dedicated and the show speaks to so many people on so many different levels. As a matter of fact, it trended globally last night when news of a mysterious production snag hit the web.

Ratings-wise, you can consider Wynonna Earp modest at best. Season 3 averaged a 0.1 rating in live 18-49 figures and just over 470,000 viewers a week — while these numbers are far from incredible (even for Syfy) they are relatively steady with the show’s season 2 averages and that’s good. Wynonna Earp is a passionate, loyal group of television outlaws who love going against the grain and celebrating the show’s humor, fun, and message of inclusion. It has a hefty amount of DVR viewers, a symptom that comes from it airing on Friday night.

So what’s really going on here?

Syfy doesn’t directly produce Wynonna Earp themselves — it’s licensed via IDW Publishing and is a Canadian-American operation. It’s complicated, but the network doesn’t fully have control of the production itself. The issue doesn’t seem to be tied to them, and it absolutely seems to be unexpected. This is not something the cast and crew were prepared for — otherwise, why be outspoken? Why cause any concern at all?

If you love yourself some Wynonna Earp (and why wouldn’t you, this show is great!) the best thing to do is to continue to watch the show live, tweet about the show, and send beams of love to the cast and crew. They deserve it! We’re confident that this will all sort itself out in due time, mostly because this is a beloved series with a diehard following; we don’t think anyone wants to deal with the backlash of sending it to TV purgatory — as opposed to the show’s Purgatory, which we love diving into on a weekly basis.

Finally, remember this: Syfy ordered a season 4 of Wynonna Earp with the expectation that it would deliver. They expect this order to be met. They may have some trademark Wynonna fury of their own if something happens to slow it down.

Update: IDW responds

Read more of what they have to say about the show’s future here.

How badly do you want a Wynonna Earp season 4?

Let CarterMatt know in the comments! We’re very much invested in the future of this show, so be sure that we will have so much more insight once it is known. (Photo: Syfy.)

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