One Day at a Time season 4 renewal campaign trends on Twitter

One Day at a TimeThere are many wonderful things about having your show on Netflix. For starters, you have exposure to a wide audience! Also, there’s a chance to really tell stories that are sometimes hard to tell anywhere else.

Unfortunately, it’s also become a somewhat-dangerous place for shows these days who want to have a long life on the air. We’ve seen already Jessica Jones, Friends From College, and The Punisher fall victim to the cancellation ax this week, and the comedy One Day at a Time could be next … but not if social media has anything to do with it.

In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett noted that she’s met with the streaming service about a possible season 4 of the series and their response was clear — the show needs more viewers. They haven’t made a decision as of yet but they will soon. As a result of this, the hashtag #RenewODAAT ended up trending worldwide on Twitter, with fans all over the world showing some of their support.

There are of course a number of different reasons why One Day at a Time should be renewed, but a lot of them start first and foremost with this — it’s of the highest quality. The reviews speak to that, but so does the writing, the humor, and the heart. It’s a genuinely funny show, and while it sounds somewhat cliche to just say that, the reality here is that there are a LOT of comedies on TV that frankly aren’t all that funny.

Beyond the humor, Once Day at a Time remains an incredibly important show. It brings a sense of culture and inclusion to American scripted television that you don’t see in many other places. It gives you real stories of struggle, but also victories and stories that the Latinx community and beyond can relate to. There are so many different components to what makes it great and clearly, there are so many more stories still left to tell.

So is Netflix actually going to get a chance to tell them, though? Well, for the time being, the jury is somewhat still out on that, but being a global trending topic certainly doesn’t help. We do think that if Netflix did decide to cancel the show, this is one that we could see being shopped around elsewhere. It’s hard to imagine that another platform wouldn’t want this show in some shape or form moving forward.

Do you want to see One Day at a Time season 4 happen on Netflix, and if it did get canceled there, do you think it could actually be the rare canceled Netflix show to find life elsewhere? Share below! (Photo: Netflix.)

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