Gotham season 5 episode 7 sneak peek: Jeremiah’s tableau

GothamCome Gotham season 5 episode 7 on Fox Thursday night, you’re going to have a chance to see something very demented courtesy of Jeremiah. After all, this guy is looking to turn Bruce Wayne’s past into a living nightmare.

For some more on that, all you have to do is check out the sneak peek below via TV Guide. Here, you can see precisely what this dastardly villain has in mind. He’s been planning this for a while: A reunion between Bruce and his parents. However, we know already that they are not actually his parents. All of this is an excuse for Jeremiah to put Bruce through some of the same trauma that we’ve seen him deal with in the past. This is a horrible thing for him to do, but is anyone really that shocked that Jeremiah would do something horrible here? You really shouldn’t be. This is just who this guy is and we know that he’s extremely motivated to take down Bruce. It’s really one of the only major driving forces that he has at the moment, given the fact that he has already blown up chunks of the city. This just feels like some sort of demented entertainment for him at this point. He wants to break Bruce and this seems to be the next stage in making that happen.

As for Jeremiah mimicking Zorro in the photo above, rest assured that this is a huge part of the presentation that Jeremiah has — his plan has many stages and not all of them are necessarily going to be unlocked right away. The part of this that’s the most demented to us is actually seeing Alfred have a big role to play in whatever’s going down … or at least Jeremiah’s demented, possibly-brainwashed version of the butler. This is someone who is currently in Bruce’s life, and with his parents, he may be at least a little more aware that his parents are not actually back.

Remember now that this episode is entitled “Ace Chemicals” and that title alone has a very special place within the overall lore of Batman. We’re going to see something huge unfold when it comes to Jeremiah in this episode. We’re almost hesitant to say what it is, but it’s going to alter the course of the series in one way or another. We’re already halfway through the final season and more crazy stuff is coming!

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