Survivor: Edge of Extinction premiere review: Check out the new twist


Tonight, Survivor: Edge of Extinction kicked off, and the main strength of the show remains the same: The characters. Casting did a great job with this group! There are a lot of colorful, interesting characters this time, whether it be ultra-fan Wendy, etsy store owner Julie, goofy dad Rick, southern boy/YMCA director Gavin, and then also a guy who literally calls himself War Dog.

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Story-wise, though, there were a few things that stood out before the immunity challenge beyond just the presence of returning players Joe Anglim, Kelley Wentworth, David Wright, and Aubry Bracco. Take, for example, Wendy, Keith (the youngest guy in the season), and apparent busybody Reem dividing themselves at the blue Manu camp. Meanwhile, over on the yellow Kama, Gavin and Eric discussed at length taking out a returning player soon — namely Aubry. They want to play their own game.

The most important twist at this point (we hadn’t heard much about Edge of Extinction before the immunity challenge) was the Advantage Menu. This is something teacher Ron found, and it gave him a choice of three different things: Steal a reward, an extra vote, or immunity. He just has to use it before the third Tribal Council. It is over-powered, but we don’t hate it all that much when you think about when it expires. If we’re Ron, we just try to not use it to keep the target off of his back.

Immunity Challenge

This was the classic Survivor hodgepodge that we’ve come to see over time where there are a lot of different components to it. There was a physical element, a balance component, and a puzzle at the end. At one point Kelley had a huge fall and we were slightly worried about her getting hurt. Yet, she was okay! Unfortunately, Kama was safe and the blue Manu tribe (including Kelley) was forced to head to Tribal Council.

The immediate aftermath

This is where you can see immediately who is a good Survivor player and who is not. Reem started to go on immediately on the idea that Kelley and Lauren were getting super-close and as a result of that, they need to be separated. Wendy tried to back her up — everyone else tried to tell Wendy that it just wasn’t going to happen and in the end, she wouldn’t listen.

However, did Wendy protest too much? That led to Wardog deciding to want Wendy out of the game. Really, this felt like a battle of two people accidentally trying to sabotage themselves leading to one of their inevitable ousters.

The first Tribal Council

Reem was a total trainwreck almost from the start — she’s super-entertaining, but it’s probably not a great idea to accuse people of discrimination when they can vote her out. She argued with people, talked about her moving people’s clothing around, and it seemed obvious that she was going to go by the end of this.

Yet, the tribe split the vote between Reem and Wendy — but Reem Daly was still voted off. She was gloriously salty out the door, and then she discocvered the epic Edge of Extinction twist. She’s not leaving the game and she’s heading to the next part of the show.

CarterMatt Verdict

This premiere was bananas for entertainment’s sake — there wasn’t that much in the way of strategy but sometimes, that’s okay. We’d honestly much rather have a season full of big characters than super-strategic people.

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