The Blacklist season 6 episode 8 video: Who is protecting Liz?

The BlacklistCome The Blacklist season 6 episode 8 on NBC Friday night (the first of a two-hour block), you’re going to see many surprises. Yet, perhaps the biggest one can be found in the sneak peek below. There’s official no more reason to wonder as to whether or Reddington suspects Liz Keen for putting him behind bars.

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In this preview, you can see James Spader’s character listening back to the infamous 911 call — one that he’s got in his possession and played for himself, more than likely, numerous times. He’s had a chance through that to better understand how he was identified. The voice has been modified (it sounds like a kid), but that would probably just be Liz thinking ahead. It’s her making sure that nothing ends up hurting her in some capacity.

Yet, Reddington’s still figured out that there is a pretty compelling reason for Liz to want him behind bars. He knows that she’s got some questions about who he is and may be taking advantage of this opportunity. What’s so interesting about this sneak peek, though, is that it seems as though Dembe is trying his best in order to ensure that Reddington steers clear of traveling down this road. Why do that? It may be because Dembe wants to be peacekeeper; after all, he has encouraged Raymond to tell fake-daughter the truth about who he is for a while now. It may also be that making Liz into an overt enemy right now may not be the best idea. While it could be frustrating for Reddington, at the same time there is some incentive to just keeping your secret for now and pretending as though everything is normal.

Of course, there’s one other thing to remember: Nothing is normal with this show. In the end, Reddington realizes that it does benefit him to just press onward and with that, he’s ready to hand down another case to the Task Force. Odds are, this is one that is going to benefit himself much in the way that he often does. He’s just gotta find a way to execute his ulterior motive in the midst of everything else that is going on.

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