Lucifer season 4 spoilers: What lies ahead for Ella?

Lucifer season 3 episode 25There are many exciting things worth watching out for on Lucifer season 4 when it premieres later this year, but absolutely don’t sleep on the Ella storyline.

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One of the hardest things to remember at times, in the midst of all of the supernatural stuff going on, is that Ella’s not privy to any of it. She’s a mostly-normal person trying to go about her job. It’s always possible that changes, but entering season 4, that’s not going to be the case. She’s going to be doing virtually whatever she can to continue to excel at her job, and she’s going to have to deal with the sudden revelation that two important people in Marcus Pierce and Charlotte Richards are now dead. That’s going to cause quite a reaction from her, and that’s something that Aimee Garcia teases via TVLine:

“You have a dreamy guy who’s doing his job in a very militant fashion, and a hard-nosed professional woman who’s trying to do right, that are just taken away too soon … That doesn’t settle well with Ella, and instead of lashing out at other people, she kind of self-destructs and implodes.”

One of the things that are going to be interesting for Lucifer to weigh down are the implications of cluing someone like Ella in on the supernatural occurrences going on around her … such as Lucifer having a devil face and Marcus really being Cain. We don’t think she’s going to go broadcast it on the internet, but there is some fun that comes from having an important character or two in the dark on what’s really going on. This is something that Supergirl is doing with Lena Luthor these days, and it’s also something that another show in Chuck was careful about for many years. It’s hard to really make an illusion feel special unless there are people who still are buying into it. For now, that’s Ella and we’ll see just how long that lasts.

Of course, we do wonder if Ella self-destructing and handling these deaths rather badly could make someone rush to tell her a secret a little faster than they would otherwise.

Hopefully, we’ll have some more specific news on Lucifer season 4 as we approach the premiere — while you wait, we suggest that you head over to this link to get some more of the latest insight on the show.

How fast do you think Lucifer should really move when it comes to giving Ella more information on what’s going on around her? Share in the comments below. (Photo: Netflix.)

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