Arrested Development season 5 episode 9 return date confirmed

Arrested DevelopmentInterested in learning the Arrested Development season 5 episode 9 return date over at Netflix? We’ve got that for you within!

Today, Netflix confirmed that the second half of the season is going to star starting on March 15, almost ten months following the first batch of episodes airing. The show took its sweet time getting these episodes on the air, which was an interesting choice if they wanted there to be a little bit of momentum behind the scenes.

With that being said, there is a reasonably good chance that this will be the final batch of episodes for the series. There really hasn’t been all that much conversation about a season 6, and we’re still not sure that the show has recovered from that New York Times interview disaster where the majority of the cast seemed to downplay some of Jeffrey Tambor’s on-set behavior towards his co-star Jessica Walter. It remains to be seen how Netflix is going to be promoting the remaining episodes, and if they will even get a whole lot of attention.

All of this context is certainly fascinating given that at one point, Arrested Development was one of the most beloved shows on television. There was an outcry that led to Netflix giving the show a fourth season — it was one of the first canceled series to find new life on the streaming service, back in an era where Netflix wasn’t really known for original programming. The fourth season was a little polarizing (there weren’t many stories that actually featured the entire cast together), but there was certainly still a demand for new episodes that lasted for many years.

We expect these upcoming eight episodes to at least tie together some of the storylines from the first batch of episodes — whether or not there is a big cliffhanger remains to be seen, but we don’t think that this is the sort of show that really needs to emphasize this sort of thing. The most important thing that they need to do is just deliver some comedy — and hopefully as much as Will Arnett as humanly possible, given that he does remain by a good bit the best overall component of this show. Gob Bluth forever.

What do you think about the Arrested Development season 5 episode 9 return date, and is there anything that you do want to see? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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