Friends From College canceled at Netflix; no season 3 coming

Friends from CollegeIt looks like Friends From College won’t be having another televised reunion: Netflix has canceled the show after two seasons.

In a post on Twitter, series executive producer Nicholas Stoller confirmed the news (while also writing “Happy Presidents’ Day” in humorous fashion at the end of it). This show, on paper, should have been a fairly big hit given that its cast including Keegan-Michael Key, Nat Faxon, Red Savage, and Cobie Smulders. Yet, for whatever reason the show just didn’t get anywhere near the attention that we thought that it would. Based on the cancellation, which came about not too long after the second season premiered, the safe assumption is that it didn’t get either the viewers or the buzz that Netflix was hoping for.

As it turns out, this is a really unfortunate day when it comes to Netflix as a whole — the streaming provider earlier today axed both The Punisher and Jessica Jones, which means that they are really narrowing down at least a decent chunk of the lineup. While we know that Netflix has many different shows, at the same exact time we do think that ending so many of them so soon could have adverse effects. Remember that the streaming provider is already raising prices on its consumers, and add to that all of the cancellations that we’ve heard about over the past several months.

Are viewers going to eventually turn against Netflix if the cancellations continue? We do wonder, mostly because Netflix itself is a commodity. Even if someone gets angry at a broadcast network for canceling the show, it’s still a part of their cable package. There is at least a chance that they are going to come back and watch another show at some point down the road because it’s still there. With Netflix, it is a little bit easier for viewers to move on?

Could a season 3 exist elsewhere? It doesn’t seem likely, mostly because we haven’t heard anything about it at the moment. We think that the more likely scenario is that all of these super-funny people do figure out a way, somehow, to work together again in the future. There will always be opportunities for that.

What do you think about Friends from College being canceled, and do you wish there was a way to bring the series back in some shape or form? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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