‘Survivor: Philippines’ prediction: Can Lisa Whelchel find her way?

Thanks in part to the Presidential debate happening between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, we are actually in for a little bit of a quieter night Wednesday when it comes to new television programming. However, there is still a “Survivor” episode coming up, and with that, we’re here once again to analyze just what could transpire during its 60-minute runtime.

One thing that we are feeling pretty confident about? That for the first time in several weeks, some of the other tribes may be forced more to actually play the game. (Don’t worry, the following contains no spoilers.)

Biggest mover and shaker – Lisa Whelchel. We had her in this same slot last week, but there is a major reason for it: we find it very hard to think that Tandang is really going to let her go when there are really so many other big fish to fry. We already know that Michael Skupin is going to be suggested as a target by Pete, and who knows? There could be a few other people under suspicion here, as well, if Tandang loses immunity.

Idol watch – Once again, we are betting on Russell Swan here with one major thought in mind: the guy already has started the immunity idol search, and he has to know now that his back is up against the wall. If he is able to find it and then use it to get rid of someone like Angie, then he may be able to form some sort of alliance with Malcolm and Denise for a merge with the argument that he will always be the bigger target. Remember, Penner already has an idol to play.

The elimination – For the first time, we’re going to predict that someone other than the blue team Matsing is going to lose a challenge, and that it will be Tandang based on the scrambling that we have seen from them. So who’s the biggest target to be sent home of the group? It’s clearly Michael, but we think that he has carved some good friendships already with Lisa and RC, so we instead going in a different direction here: Abi-Maria Gomes. She has proven herself to be a bit paranoid and a loose cannon, and if RC does not want to share her idol clue with her, now may be the time to cut her before she causes problems for her later.

If you want to see where everyone stands in the latest edition of our contestant rankings (which are not so much predictions as just a look at how people are playing the game), be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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