Last Week Tonight with John Oliver revisits Brexit in premiere

John OliverFor its first segment of 2019, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver revisited a topic that it has focused on rather successfully in the past: Brexit. We’ve seen him do a number of great segments on this, including one where he brought former “candidate” Lord Buckethead over to prove a point.

There are so many funny things about Oliver talking about Brexit, with rules in the UK being one of the best parts of it. Because of rules there about showing Parliament within the context of satire, Oliver can’t even air the proper segment there! (Instead, British viewers are going to see old Chippendales footage instead.)

The point of tonight’s segment was, first and foremost, reminding us of what Brexit is and where things are at the moment. It’s been a mess, and it seems as though things are going to get even messier.

One of the main notable portions of the segment tonight was Oliver going over what Brexit will do for ports and borders — most notably, the border between the Northern Ireland and Ireland. There’s a history of violence between the two parties and things could become inflamed with difficult checkpoints and longer waits. There’s no real efficient way to resolve this.

There are some comedic issues that come about with Brexit, whether it be transporting a horse or Boris Johnson’s hair. Yet, there are some significant issues, whether it be healthcare or a food supply. (Of course, Oliver softened the blow by following up a serious segment with a boy-band that was formed solely on the basis of making sure that Britain stays in the European Union. The name here in Breunion Boys is all sorts of spectacular.

Could Brexit be stopped?

As it turns out, yes — but there are a lot of different issues at play here. Take, for example, trying to get the people in power to change their mind … or trying to figure out a way in which to have a second referendum.

Comedically, this was a really good segment with a lot of humor, but also some really good points. We liked that most of this episode was framed through the lens of popular British show Gogglebox — Britain’s “Voice of the People” show.

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