Madam Secretary season 5 episode 14 review: Russell, the panda’s friend

Madam SecretaryWe know that with Madam Secretarywe’re meant to really focus on the most important issues — international relations between world powers.

Yet, we’re always going to admit that we love the show sometimes for its more ridiculous, lighthearted stories — take, for example, seeing Russell end up becoming a lighthearted figure in Washington because of Stevie suggesting on social media that he loves pandas. That led to a number of people sending him panda gifts and at first, he was against it. He wanted people all over Washington to fear him rather than adore him!

Yet, he eventually realized, with a little bit of help from Stevie, that maybe leaning into this was a little bit better. He actually was inspiring people to be into politics, including a little girl who loved pandas. He showed a human side, and there was something about this that was rather sweet and lighthearted. It did also lead to an important act being passed that will help children who are in need of medical care.

So as for the major international crisis, that had to do with finding a way to resolve matters in Nicaragua. We saw an angry leader who wanted to squelch student protests by any means necessary, and that led to very complicated, difficult, and even violent international relations. There were constant complications between the country and the United States, but Elizabeth still wanted to find a way to get through to the country’s leaders — especially since the alternative meant some rising tension with China, something that nobody really wanted. There had to be a better way.

This episode was entitled “Something Better” and there was a meaningful message behind that — through the Nicaragua storyline, we had a chance to see some of these characters strive for just that. They wanted to make the world a better stronger place and to give some people without a chance at a future that very thing. It was emotional, even if there were some great moments where we could laugh and smile along the way.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was this the sort of Madam Secretary episode that will change television forever? Hardly, but we do certainly think that it’s one of the better ones in terms of sideplots that we’ve had a chance to see in a little while. You had some humor, a memorable message, and more of what viewers really love about this show from start to finish. Now, we have to wait for the series to come back on the air.

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