Shameless season 9 episode 11 review: Did Lip kick Fiona out?

Shameless season 8We’ve only got three episodes left in Shameless season 9, and with that, the run of Emmy Rossum on the show.

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At the moment, the central question we’ve got is a simple one: How do you write Fiona out of the show at this point? Right when you think that her downward spiral couldn’t get worse, here we are. What we’ve learned at this point is that she’s lost her investments, she was fired from her job (as manager, no less), she was arrested for punching the woman last week, and now it seems like Lip wants her out of the house. He blames her for his attempt at being a foster dad falling apart, just like he also blames her for getting Jason drunk, ending his sobriety at an even hundred days.

The fascinating way in which the Lip – Fiona conflict was written signaled that Fiona wasn’t actually trying to be some sort of terrible, irresponsible person. She was trying to help Lip, but she was too little, too late with some of it. She wasn’t prepared for Child Services to show up to inspect the home, and she actually tried to put on a good face and do a good job. Following that, she was looking for Lip when she ran into Jason. It seems like Fiona’s just an easy target at the moment for Lip given some of what he’s dealing with elsewhere. He’s also still reeling from the surprising news that Tami is pregnant, but he doesn’t know whether or not she is going to keep the baby. As a matter of fact, she spent most of the episode being distant from him.

The story of Fiona and Lip was so sad that it’s hard to even focus on some of what we saw elsewhere, mostly because none of it reached the same level of pain. For Frank, he just reached the inevitable end of the road with Ingrid. Him sticking with the Hobo Loco contest cost him his relationship with her, which is probably the best thing for her since he’s a terrible father and would’ve been to her babies … depending on however many of them that she keeps. (Of course, we know that these actually aren’t Frank’s kids, which make things all the more conflict.) Frank, at least for now, is being paid to keep quiet and steer clear of the kids’ lives.

Elsewhere, Carl finds himself in a dilemma because of an ever-growing bond between Debbie and his girlfriend Kelly. It’s clear that Debbie is into her, and it’s possible that Kelly may also be into her. The longer that this goes, the more the waters get muddy.

Finally, Kevin’s attempt at a vasectomy went exactly as you would’ve expected, with him trying to pretend like he had it done when in reality, that’s not something that he wanted any part of at all.

CarterMatt Verdict

Shameless season 9 episode 11 proved itself overall to be a ridiculous hour of television, but also an important one. Fiona and Lip’s relationship is now on the brink, and in general we’re starting to wonder if Rossum’s character could just be killed off. We are starting to go a little bit down that path where she could lose her will to do anything. That’s a dark end for that character if it happens, but we don’t necessarily think Shameless is about happy endings.

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