‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 3 review: How does Mitt Romney get involved?

If we are being honest here and talking about comedy objectively, we’re not sure (save for maybe “Community”) that are enjoying a show as much as “New Girl” at the moment. It’s almost a go-to guide for how to make great characters: give all of them attributes that seem by-the-numbers at first, and then slowly and surely come up with wrinkles underneath the surface.

For a prime example, just look at the show’s best character in Nick Miller. This is a guy who seems on the surface to be the same sort of prototype for a bachelor that you have come to expect from comedy shows; then, you learn that he has a “sexy mix” for music that gets in the mood and that he also goes to the “dark place” when he faceplants on the sofa. Plus, we all know that the is going to hook up with Jess eventually. This episode proved just even more as we saw a number of scenes that proved that the underrated Jake Johnson’s character is the yin to Jess’ yang. The only issue is that their relationship isn’t physical, even though he finally did admit to occasionally finding her attractive at the end of a long story about whether or not he “fluffs” Jess up by building her self-esteem to go on dates.

As for the episode’s other storyline, it was strange … but also hilarious. The story really revolved around the notion of Schmidt looking like one of the sons (or all of the sons) of Mitt Romney, so he used this to his advantage to pick people up; and strangely, it worked. We are starting to think that maybe Max Greenfield should consider maybe picking this up in his everyday life as a side gig to be amazing on TV.

Do you think that “New Girl” is already hitting its stride this season?

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