Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Ranking the four returning players!

Edge of Extinction
The Survivor: Edge of Extinction premiere is coming onto CBS tonight, so why not dive in now and rank some of the returning players! Admittedly, we’ve had a harder time at present getting to know the new players … mostly because we don’t really take that much away from written bios and there really isn’t as much video footage out there of them as we’d like. The theme of this season makes things even more complicated since it’s so new.

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So how are we ranking all of the returnees, with all of this in mind? It’s really simple: We’re basing it simply on their odds of making it to the very end of the game and winning.

4. David Wright – It’s hard to really figure out how he manages to make it extremely far in this game given his resume from the first go-around. He’s not the biggest challenge asset in the early going, and he’s also such an obvious strategic threat. We came so close to winning Millennials vs. Gen X, and it’s hard to see him getting back to that same spot.

3. Joe Anglim – Obviously, any tribe should want Joe around in the early going — he’s a physical beast and he will more than likely prove to be an enormous help in challenges. Yet, to go along with this, there are some drawbacks to his game, including that he’s almost too good at challenges and too likable for his own good. Maybe the new twist does help him; that’s really going to be the only way we foresee him sticking around.

2. Kelly Wentworth – She played such an incredible game, like David, that she’s going to be seen as an enormous threat almost immediately. Yet, we do think that she has some competition merit in the early going and we know that she can find a play idols. She’s also got a good chance of winning some immunities after the merge.

1. Aubry Bracco – One of the best things that she has going for her is that we do think that she’s a little underrated in terms of her Survivor: Game Changers game — we don’t think that the target is as immediately on her back. She’s also got this really great ability to take the disadvantaged and the underdogs and really bring them in. She empathizes really well and she’s also much better in challenges than people give her credit for.

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What returning player do you think has the best shot of winning Survivor: Edge of Extinction? Be sure to share below. (Photo: CBS.)

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