Blindspot star Jaimie Alexander recovering from ACL, MCL tear

Blindspot season 4We’re in the midst of a Blindspot hiatus following Friday night’s new episode, and for Jaimie Alexander, this could be a time for recovery.

In a new post on Twitter yesterday, the series star revealed that she had torn both her ACL and her MCL — she’s doing okay, but we know that these can be really tough injuries. They have a pretty long recovery time — for athletes, these are typically the sort of injuries that leave you out of commission for an entire season, depending on the degree of the tear. (For most normal people, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to recover.)

The most important thing here is, clearly, that Jaimie has the best recovery possible! In order to get back into proper Jane Doe fighting shape, she has to take care of herself first and foremost. As for what this does mean for Blindspot itself, we’re sure that the show will find some way in which to accommodate the injury. In the world of television, you have to be prepared for all sorts of flux. There’s already a great stunt team behind the scenes to help with the dangerous sequences, and there may be ways to rewrite a number of different scenes depending, of course, on where the show is in production at the moment. It’s got a large enough cast that it can also spread the workload around a little bit.

(While we’re talking about the production, can we stop in and say that this show has one of the most incredible location teams out of any we’ve seen? We continue to be amazed at how the cast gets to go to so many parts of the world. We’re still in awe of what they were recently able to do in South America.)

Anyhow, Blindspot will resume airing new episodes in March — we certainly hope that it gets a season 5 renewal a little later this year, and that around that time, Alexander will be a little bit closer to her typical fighting shape. We know that this a very action-heavy show, especially in comparison to some others that are out there on network TV.

Of course, we’ll have some more news when it comes to the future of the show once it comes out. For now, we’re wishing Jaimie, once more, all the best in her recovery. (Photo: NBC.)

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