Better Call Saul season 5: Who could meet Gene in the present?

Better Call Saul season 4Are you ready for Better Call Saul season 5 to just be here, already? We do consider ourselves to be very much in that vein, but we’re also still facing the reality that the premiere is many months away and we’re going to be waiting a little while.

For the sake of this article, the question that we’re going to be asking is a fairly simple one about Gene: Are we actually going to see him interact with anyone of value? To date, this new iteration of Jimmy has been isolated, save for being around some strangers who, quite frankly, we’re not predisposed to care about. We have so much invested in Jimmy, but a lot of it is based on his relationships. These help to show his growth (or lack thereof at times).

So who are some of the people we’d love to see him with at some point in this “future” timeline? We’ve come up with a list of three worthy candidates from Better Call Saul, and then also Breaking Bad to go along with it.

1. Kim Wexler – This is the obvious choice for a lot of different reasons, with the biggest one being that we’d like to see him actually find some sort of redemption after the Saul debacle. We don’t think that Jimmy is a monster at heart — yet, he has a devil on his shoulder that he listens to far too often. Seeing Kim at some point could bring their story full-circle … provided, of course, that she is still alive.

2. Walt, Jr. – On some level, it’s easy to say Skyler here; to us, it’s more interesting to see what happens in the event Walter White’s son, having the full scope of his father’s history and full actions, eventually sees him. It puts even more of a personal face on the operation Jimmy was a part of as Saul. That really may help him to realize that getting a new identity and a second life does not really equate to absolution.

3. Howard Hamlin – If he’s still alive, it would be interesting to get him back just because he’s known Jimmy for as long as he has and seen so many different iterations of him over time — he’s also the closest thing to a second self we’re going to see of Chuck McGill, but the real question with him comes how he and Gene would even interact. Why would Howard try to seek the guy out?

Do you want to see more of Gene on Better Call Saul season 5? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stay tuned for some more news. (Photo: AMC.)

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