The Blacklist season 6 episode 8 video: What does Liz know? The verdict

BlacklistWhat does Liz Keen know? That’s the focus on The Blacklist season 6 episode 8 (and 9), which are airing next week.

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Before we circle back to that question, though, let’s talk about a little bit of context here. We know that Liz and Jennifer, within these two episodes, are going to be doing whatever they can in order to get information on Raymond Reddington. That may mean the two of them are working to track down the nurse who worked alongside Dr. Hans Koehler. We know at least one important thing about this person already — this nurse may be the only one who knows Reddington’s true identity.

The end of the promo makes it seem as though by the end of this episode, we’re going to have a chance to see Liz and Reddington have a conversation about the truth. Does this mean that Liz actually knows the real, honest truth about who Reddington really is? That’s a great thing to wonder about at the moment, but we do know that previews can at times be a little bit misleading. The last thing that we want to do at the moment is get our hopes up for something that may or may not be coming just yet. Given that The Blacklist has 22 episodes in a single season, do you really think that all of the answers are going to be handed your way at the end of episode 9?

There’s also something else worth noting within this episode, mostly in the verdict of a big verdict. We’re finally going to get a chance, one way or another, to learn if Reddington is guilty or innocent. We’ve seen him struggle to find a proper jury and, at the moment, his only potential ace in the hole is coming courtesy of Dembe. He’s got a valuable address and that’s something he could venture towards.

No matter what happens next week, we do at least know this: These two hours are going to be extremely important. We’re excited to see what’s coming, and we are still prepared to have our jaw on the floor at the very end. This is what the show does best — constantly find ways to keep you guessing time and time again.

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