Grantchester season 4 finale review: Will’s decision; Geordie dances


Entering the Grantchester season 4 finale on ITV Friday night, it was clear that Will was still coming to grips with his new life. His father was dead and, because of that, he didn’t quite know what his future would hold. Did he have to take on the responsibilities of his father’s old career, or find a way to continue his career in the way he had to date?

This was a tricky decision and a tough story for him overall, but through most of the episode tonight we saw Will doing what he could to distract himself with a case. That’s why he went down the rabbit hole tonight, working with him on a complicated murder case revolving around the death of a young boy. It’s one that caused Geordie to question his status as a parent, especially through his communication with Esme.

Once this case was resolved (emotional and trying as it may be), Will had come up with a decision — it was just one that his mother wanted. He determined that the best thing for the entire family was for them to move forward and sell the estate. It was the only way to get the family out of financial trouble and to better secure his future. His mother, unfortunately for him, was rather unhappy with this news.

Meanwhile, Geordie figured out how to be a better father and, in turn, how to be able to navigate his life forward. He learned tonight to rely on Will a little bit more beyond just on the case, as Will helped him to arrange a dance for many of the kids at the school. It showed to Esme that he was taking an interest in her life, and that seemed to be something that was very appreciated in turn.

As for what else we saw in the finale, Leonard had to reconcile his future and whether or not that was really possible. There was an opportunity for Mrs. C to come back, but doing that was not a particularly easy thing to do. After all, it meant Daniel never coming back. This may have been a painful, heartbreaking thing for Leonard to do … but it’s nonetheless something that he seemingly decided.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, the Grantchester finale tonight delivered a number of emotional stories — Will managed to find a way to stay in his position as vicar, while Geordie’s skills as a father were put to the test. There were many a dramatic moment tonight, but in the end, there was something nice with watching some of these characters let loose on the dance floor. (Has Will already met his next great love?) Grantchester is moving forward and in the process, the lives of some of these characters are becoming a little bit more stable.

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