Gotham season 5 episode 7 trailer: The birth of the Joker?

GothamNext week, Fox is delivering a knockout punch with Gotham season 5 episode 7. As a matter of fact, this may be the show’s biggest episode ever.

Based on the new trailer below, it seems as though the Fox series is eager to bring to us the birth of the Joker — or, at the very least, something that is close to the major comic-book event. This upcoming episode carries with it the title of “Ace Chemicals” and for those of you who are comic-book fans, there is a good bit of meaning that you can extract from this and this alone. We’re seeing a vat of green liquid, a showdown between Bruce and Jeremiah, and some of the best work that you’ve likely ever seen from David Mazouz and Cameron Monaghan.

The final seconds of this trailer are going to send a massive chill down your spine. It’s hard to watch it and feel anything otherwise at the end of the day.

If there is a case for Jeremiah not becoming the Joker on the other side of all of this, it’s mostly what we’ve seen and heard from the show’s producers. It’s been a real challenge trying to tell a proper story of the Joker given some of the limitations that DC Comics puts on them. It’s a pretty weird situation that the producers find themselves in — while they’ve been granted plenty of license to mention characters like the Riddler, Penguin, and many others, they’ve really kept a clamp on both the Joker and Harley Quinn. They’ve basically danced around the two characters as much as humanly possible without really going there all the way.

The one thing that has been said for certain is that Monaghan is effectively playing a third, separate character this season after taking on both Jeremiah and Jerome. It could be who we see on the other side of this battle with Bruce — a proper Joker, or at least someone with even more similarities to him. We recognize that the show seems to be going in some ways for the spirit of the comic character, one where there is a constant sense of mystery when it comes to his backstory. That’s why it’s possible that even this third character may not be the actual Joker Bruce fights down the line as Batman. They may just be a precursor or a potential inspiration for whoever Bruce meets a little bit down the line.

For those wondering, it does seem like Jeremiah is dressing up as Zorro at one point.

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What do you think about this Gotham season 5 episode 7 trailer, and do you think that the show is actually going to introduce a version of Joker in some form? Share below! (Photo: Fox.)

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